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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Say Hello to Chewy

The boys went outside to check mail and Zephyr came back in worried about a 'baby bird.'  He said Banjo kept messing with a red bird.  So, to get him to chill out; I went outside with him to see the 'baby bird.'  Well it is not a baby and Banjo had not killed it.  Meet 'CHEWY,' a cardinal.
Chewy is steady giving me 'stink eye' for having caught him. 
 But if you notice in this picture; 'Chewy' is missing some tail feathers and thus he can not fly.  He tried hopping away from us and we gave chase with a net and an apron.  After I bagged 'Chewy;'  I gave him the once over and he promptly tried to kill my thumb. (The apron saved me becase he attack it instead.)
Do you see him sticking his beak out at me planning my demise?  
Chewy almost got chewed on and then promptly tried to chew on me.  Here he sits until he can fly safely away.  There are too many critters that Chewy would make a delightful snack.  Sorry Chewy.


Sharon said...

Chewy is a female Cardinal, she likes sunflower seeds and cracked corn. (maybe chicken scratch)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Sharon, I have cracked seed, will put in some fruit. She may be a female but, she is keeping her name. LOL

mixednut555 said...

In Hawaii our cardinals have red or black heads. I'll try to take some pictures and send them to you. Hiya Chewy!

Texan said...

Well mercy me you have a house guest! Really its her good luck you brought her in. Some other animal would have no doubt got her if you had not! Hope she gets her feathers in fast so she can fly away :O).

Jana C. said...

Oh man am I jealous !!! But horray, for saving him !! Awesome. Send pictures often !

Chewy is so cute !

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Kat, I found out she is a Northern Cardinal but used to be known as the Virginian Cardinal back in the day before the breed got a new Latin name. The things you can find on bird websites. LOL
Can't wait to see your pictures.

Texan, She was mighty huffy over my being near. She gives me the stink eye. I have a small nursing coop outside which I may move her too. I would think being in our house will be too stressful for her. Can't wait til she gets her tail feathers. I just hope she doesn't have a nest. Been looking for it this afternoon since, they stay within 15 feet of the ground.

And yes, we had lots of hawks out today. That is why I went and got her in not to mention it is snake mating season. SHIVERS......

Nekkid Chicken said...

Jana, I just knew your little ones would loving seeing Chewy. Doncha love the name. She inspired it. I hope to see some video of her noises, she has a distinctive chirp especially when angry. LOL

John Gray said...

reminds me of a childhood poem

Algie saw the bear
The Bear saw Algie,
The bear was bulgey
the bulge was algie

Nekkid Chicken said...

OOOH John I know that poem. My mom had a souvenior ashtray from the Red Woods National Forest with that on it. :O)

Janet said...

Chewy is delightful ! glad you rescued her-that was very kind of you !