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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Garden Seed Project: Week 1

Last week, the boys and I planted seeds to see how long it would be before sprouts appeared.  Bean sprouts were the first to appear at three days.  As you can see the surprise 'cups' will be ready to transfer to the beds before long.  


Mom, took the time to write numbers on the cup bottoms to equal to her cheat sheet as to what was actually growing.  LOL Doncha hate surprises?  It is hard to plant and maintain a vine plant next to one that likes their space.  * means the plants have sprouted

1.  Jubilee tomato *  2.  Big Boy hybrid tomato  3.  Artichoke 4.  Brussel sprout  5.  Parnips  6.  Swiss chard  7.  Vine peach 8.   Lemon mint  9.  Strawberry popcorn  10. Roma tomato * 11. Rhubarb 12. Garlic chives  13. Black diamond watermelon 14. Iroquis melon  15. Minnesota hot chili (rooster's) 16. Butternut squash* 17. Turnips* 18. Leeks 19. Banana melon 20. Banana squash 21. zuchini squash 22. Okra ,
coffee cups*, I forgot to write them down
one flat box of Chantenay carrots
one bowl of purple pole beans* one bowl of white beans *
This was the cup placement this morning after he turned them to face away from the window.  Zephyr has learned that plants will change their growth direction to face the sunlight.
He noticed a little bit ago, the sprouts have changed their direction back to face the window this afternoon.  So our experiment now, is to see if the sprouts will have a 'S' curve in the morning.

Having fun with gardening.....


Sharon said...

Wow, you have a lot of stuff going! I wish it would stay warm and we could put a few plants in pots, but we still have some heavy frosts coming and no place to keep them in the house. How big is your garden? Will the boys each have their own space to tend?


Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon,

One garden is 12 by 8' (herbs) and the second is 15 by 40' (main)plus, I have a raised bed for just hubby's peppers. Was thinking about a third bed about the size of the 2nd one just for corn and carrots. Depends if hubby will man the tiller or not.

Gosh, did not realize ya'll are in for another cold spur. It is in the mid 80s here today and not a cloud in the sky. Which is why the little sprouts are chasing the path of the sun.

Stay warm,

Cat said...

It is fun to watch plants. I will have to watch your blog for a bit, and live vicariously, because, like Sharon, I don't seem to be catching a weather break. Right now we have hail! Show pics if the plants do the hula for you! :)


Judy's Corner said...

Looks like fun...growing boys, growing crops, growing love... perfection!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

What a good way to teach the boys. Love it. We are having fun with gardens in home school too.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Awe Cat, I hope you both get warmer weather soon. LOL I will if the plants break out in a break dance or something. :O)

Hey J! Glad to see ya around these here parts. I have been reading about your house's progress. You and Joe work a lot. Take a break and enjoy the sunshine.

Melissa, Zephyr is the one that gets excited. I want to do a butterfly garden for them. We have been seeing lots of black butterflies though not close enough to determine the breed.

Take care Ya'll

Diane said...

I hope to plant some tomato seed next week in the green house. If I want to make sauce I need lots of tomatoes. Thanks for your sympathy about Bella. We will miss her. Grace buried Bella herself.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Diane, I am so sorry you lost your beloved Bella. We too have had to put a few down. So heartbreaking.