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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Email I Found Waiting For Me

This is a beautiful way to greet any day.  A recognition from the man who has given your life so much, and continues to add to it through the years.  Thank You My Hubby for making me smile and cry all at once.


Today is your birthday-
A special day indeed;
May God bless you, I pray,
And meet your every need!

God made you, my darling,
To be my only wife;
And that's the greatest thing,
That happened in my life!

Marriages when God-made,
Can never lose their charm,
And do we as God bade,
Our hearts are always warm.

'Happy Birthday, dear wife;
You're special in my life!!
Through all the ups and downs, and all the in-betweens you are still the
love of my life. May God bless you with many more.


Please go about your day and enjoy your slices of heaven.  I know I will as I celebrate mine; now begining its 45 year.  I have so much to be thankful for and must declare it now.  Without my family; I would be a miserable soul.  To my family back in Bama and Cali; you gave me --  my foundation.  To my hubby Gilbert (hugs), Saenz, Zephyr, Junio, Jaylin, Sarah, Sid and Lisa plus the cast of 1000s here on the farm;

Ya'll gave me wings --- I love you!
(in all my forms)
Ruca, Red Neck, Mad Marge, Mal, Maliss, Grandma, Woman, Mom


Cesar Crash said...

There was no much problems with the Barack's visit. Y'know, some guys threw a Molotov cocktail at the U.S. embassy, innocent people were arrested,only the usual... When I preach against US, it's not against the place or the people. It's against the policy that oppresses and the borders that separate us.
Mal, I think I owe you something, I was embarrassed to talk to you. I'm just a christian punk rocker trying to take the underground scene away from drugs and violence. I've been out of time, producing fanzines, my friends ask me for drawings, logos, and stuff, and it takes all the time I have after I come back from work. In the weekends I help them to organize rock concerts and visiting hostels. I miss DeadSnake, they're living in another city for a time. This is a 15 minutes drawing, I think I'm learning how to draw really quick. But I promisse Mal, I'll send you some really cool materials for ya. It's being a long time since I started writing, but I do not want to send it unfinished, so be patient.
Thank U Obby 4 grabbin' your ass outta here, and thank U Mal, 4 being my friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAL!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, my goodness, I didn't know (or remember), I know you will have a special day, because it already started out that way!


Nekkid Chicken said...


I know exactly of what you speak about regarding policy. Our president has made me feel nothing but sadness these passed weeks.

And you owe me nothing. I know of your heart and feel you are a wonderful person becoming a great man. This is why I follow your blog even though it rages sometimes. It is a good thing to get the venom out of your system through writing and I understand you more than you may think.

Thank you for being my friend and sending me well wishes. I do cherish your thoughts and words as well. God Bless, Mal

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Mrs. Sharon and )))HUGS((( right back atacha! :O) Mal

Cesar Crash said...

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y !!!

hUgS FoR YoUr HuBbY aNd SoNnYs!!!

polly's path said...

Happy Birthday, chick!!!
May the rest of it be as grand as the morning!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Cesar! I will pass those thoughts on to my men. :O)

Thanks Polly, So far it is beautiful. I just may go plant three rows of lettuce to celebrate such a glorious day. Take care, Mal

emajen333 said...

♥ Happy Cakeday, Chicky Poo!!♥

Time to get frosted!! Wishing you a wonderful day!

Love you!!!
Jen, Minki & Nim xxx

Greg said...

Happy Birthday!

John Gray said...

he's a big puddin!
belated birthday wishes you mad frog u

Jim said...

Mal! All the best to you my dear!
45! A mere youngin'!
You are surrounded by love from the sounds of things. Hope you have had a great celebration!

Judy's Corner said...

Happy belated birthday, Mal.... seems I don't check into blogger as much as I used to...could it be I'm up to my eyeballs in work???? LOL

Wonderful sentiment from hubby on your special day.

Janet said...

Happy birthday Mal ! have a really great day- you are obviously surrounded by people who love you loads- the card nearly made me tear up too ! xxxx

Breeze EZ said...

Happy Birthday.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Judy, John, Greg, Jim, Janet, and Breeze EZ!

I took a break here. I have far too many things going on its seems to be posting a blog daily. I have missed all of you though. So I guess my job now is back reading. Thanks again, Mal :O)