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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Cold Event Has Started

The boys are thrilled with the prospect of snow; it is supposed to start sleeting this afternoon.   I will tell you; I am a bit nervous for two of our nannies; Pices looks about ready to kid.  Aries our nanny has issues with her knees and is full as well.  Keep saying a prayer they make it to Sunday before giving birth.  Feathers crossed here.

Hubby took off the last two days this week and used his leave.  He did not want to drive on icy roads.  Yes, we have already had ice --- he drives in the early morning so, black ice is hard to see at 4 am on unlit I37 or side roads.  I feel so fortunate to have him home with us. Many blessings to have him home safe.
Zephyr is doing his SOUL MAN immitation.
This little chunk of ice was formed yesterday.
Can you say..........stuffed?
Seems we missed a spot and now no water at the kitchen sink.  Oh well, I guess my dishes will pile up a few days or I will hand carry water from the tub & heat it on the stove.  Doesn't matter, we are safe and warm.  Yesterday, we experienced rolling blackouts for the first time ever. 
Next Friday, our beautiful boy will become an official teenager.  We haven't quite decided what to do for his birthday because of this weather.  If it warms back up into the 60s; I vote for camping Choke Canyon.  We haven't camped since, I retired from the Air Force.  I kind of miss it.

Please all in this storms path.  Prepare now, ensure you have enough water, gloves, clean dry clothes, emergency lighting / heat, and food.  I know some Texans this far south will be caught off guard. Those up North who will be getting this system; I will tell ya my hands became burning red after only 20 mins outside 'with gloves.'  The winds are biting cold and the humidity makes the chill even worse.

If it does snow, I will be back with some pictures for you viewing pleasure.  Please stay safe out there!


Sharon said...

Oh, goody, another one (jumping up and down), I can hardly wait! NOT! This is one lousy, cold Winter! I have things that I need to do and I can't drive when it's slick! ARGH!

Do your best to stay warm!

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL You crack me up Mrs. Sharon. I know winter tends to hold you down. Stay warm and dry up yonder.

floweringmama said...

Oooh boy, snow, snow, snow. I can't remember having a winter like this in the last 20 years.

Stay safe and warm and let us know how the nannies are doing!


Greg said...

I hope he enjoys his birthday! Be careful with the ice and cold, have a great weekend!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Flowering! All are tucked in until the ice thaws.

Good Morning Greg, We are snug as bugs in a rug. LOL