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Monday, February 14, 2011

Retro Chicken's Happy Valentine's Day

Man! I struck pay dirt today when I went to my mailbox.  Mrs. Shartey sent me two table cloths and a lovely vintage apron which I am going to use with my (new) vintage Coracle picnic travel case.  I was so excited a few weeks back when I told her about winning the auction for get this -- $9.99 not counting shipping.  I had to call her to tell her; hubby did not understand why I was so thrilled to have such a lovely piece of history.

This case was made in Merry Ole England long ago; I am guessing in the 30s or 40s. I have some cleaning up to do but, it will be a love chore to get is looking like it did originally.  If you like vintage or antique items she has a store on ebay and her userid is Shartey.  http://myworld.ebay.com/shartey  Anytime I am looking for something special; I know she is a wealth of information because she was a sucessful business woman who dealt in antiques before she retired.
THANKS MRS. Shartey!
I love both of them; she did a great job picking out colors that would match the case don't you think? Talk about a lovely Valentine's Day surprise.
Another gift in the mail today was this cd set from Grumpy Gramps.  We are so thrilled to know he is back home from a stay in the hospital.  This chicken momma was worried about him last week.  He is a truly amazing man and both my boys love him to pieces.  Thanks Mr. Larry!
I have started collecting some melmac dinnerware for everyday use in our home; not so scarey as breakables with a cast iron sink.  That rooster card is also from Mrs. Shartey.  I just love chickens of all breeds.  So far, I have to find about 8 more dinner plates and a few more bowls.  I just love these items and will show you more of my vintage pieces another time.  I like using these cups to whisk up a few eggs or cutting extra large bisquits. 

Here is one of our latest Cuckoo Maran chicks.  These came in two weeks early but, I took them anyway.  Each time I have wanted to get some of these 'chocolate egg' layers; they have sold out by time I have made it to Beeville.  We have a plethora of chicks and chickens now. So far our count is as following:

35 Ameraucanas hens
1 Delaware hen
9 red production hens
2 Delaware rooster
1 Ameraucana rooster
1 Red Brahma rooster banty
17 Guineas
15 Buff Orphintons
25 Amerucana chicks
9 silkies
19 Cuckoo Maran pullets, 1 cockrel
plus a few mixed chickens running about. LOL

I surely hope ya'll are enjoying your slice of heaven on this beautiful Valentines Day!


mixednut555 said...

Happy VD Mal!

John Gray said...

I have a similar picnic hamper! (small world~) and yes its that time of year YET again...chicks will be arriving!!!

chicks in the hen houses....mad as boxes of frogs!!!

Diane said...

Love the pics of the chicks. Looking forward to having some of our own in the near future.

Sharon said...

Very cool picnic basket!

I can't tell you how much melmac my kids micro-killed. I had two plates left that ended up under flower pots.

Boy do you have the chicks and chickens! Love the little chicky!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Holy chicken bat woman! That is a large count!!!
Happy V-Day

Nekkid Chicken said...


Doncha love your hamper? I know I do. It gives me a thrill to find such lovely pieces. Happy Valentines, John.

I hope you get a few Diana. I just love having the hens about. Makes my days so interesting. Happy Valentines Day

LOL Sharon, I have already had that discussion with my husband. He forgets to check the back or bottoms of dishes for those important symbols. We add 25% more each year. 2009 was a horrible year for us and chickens. It is a rebuilding / freezer year. Happy Valentines Day

Melissa, About 25 to 30 will wind up in the stock pot or freezer. We will start culling the lazy layers in March/April after we move turkeys in for our first year with them. Happy Valentines Day

Janet said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that picnic hamper !I always regret the one I gave away- to John infact- but I didn`t have the room to keep it ! cute chucks !

Greg said...

sweet pictures, glad you found some bargains

Nekkid Chicken said...

Howdy Janet, I am sure John adores his gift from you. Those little fluffy monsters are growing so fast.

Hey Greg, Hope all is well in your world.