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Monday, February 21, 2011

Twice Stabbed Lady Bug

Talk about a cool find; Cubby bear is modeling the lastest sign of spring's almost arrival.

Unfortunately, this little beauty is running about the house and I can not vacuum until I find it.  Zephyr is mortified by the thought of his friend being sucked up into a machine that will sufficate it.  So, needless to say we are looking for it.

Mrs. Lily came over today.  What a blessing she is because she took me into town to buy three weeks of feed since our farm truck may need a new transmission and only rolls in fourth gear.  We promptly gave her about 8 dozen eggs for her being so kind.  Wooo Hoo! You Rock Lady....

After this next artic front rolls through we will be planting some pear trees, shade trees and another apple.  Plus hubby has been prepping our latest garden bed along with building a turkey pen.  So this long weekend has found us all busy working together.  Let me tell ya'll it is so humid here today; I thought about turning on the a/c for a bit.  LOL But, just thought about it. 

Gotta go, Sears is here to replace the tub in my washing machine.  The liner had cracked talk about a wet mess.

See ya, and welcome new followers Jewels and Beautylicious.  I will stop by your blogs probably tomorrow once, I have Saenz and Zephyr settled into their school work.


Jim said...

Love this! Lady Bug, Lady Bug fly your way out of Mal's house....!
Now don't be callin' that arctic air! You can't blame Canada for all that bad weather now, can you?! lol

Nekkid Chicken said...

Well Jim, I see you are blowing about. LOL I still can't find it; durn thing is nearly impossible to find.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

So cute! Children are so fun. I love all the fun stuff you are doing on your homestead.

Sharon said...

Um... that lady bug must be one of the ones who have wintered over in my bedroom....

mixednut555 said...

Hope you can find the lady bug, or maybe you just need a break from vaccuuming? :)

Melodie said...

I hope you had good luck on your lady bug huntin'!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Melissa, I spend more time teaching them than anything else. We are so blessed.

Sharon give back the Lady Bug. I still haven't found the escapee.

Kat, This situation 'SUCKS' or in this case it doesn't! LOL

Melodie, It was like hoping for a lottery win I tell ya.

Janet said...

Sounds like it all systems go at your homestead- you are going to be busy for a while, its great you have such lovely neighbours !

Vickie said...

Loved your Banjo story! He's so cute. And I like the mirror image of the fat things with things on their heads!

We have lady bugs, too. I don't know what part of Texas you're in but I was barefoot with knee shorts this past weekend working in the yard/garden.

I have a question - can you grow apple trees in Texas? I didn't think you could, but if YOU are and they're doing well, then maybe I need to get me an apple tree, too!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Janet, Never a moment to snooze about this place. Hope all is well in your slice of heaven. Hug your family for me. :O)

Vickie, We planted a lone apple tree and sorely need another to help with the pollination. The one we had grew about 3 feet taller in one year. So, I am not quiet sure on your question. I am hoping after we plant the newest apple tree -- they will become lovies and put out some apples. I hope --- I hope.

We are right in between Corpus Christi and San Antonio; slap in the middle. Banjo was out herding the neighbors cows this morning. He made them run off so; he is feeling rather big in the britches this afternoon--still prancing about. LOL