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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Banjo Here: With the Noisey Chicken Report

Mom is inside with Boy 1 and 2 doing school work.  They leave me outside to take care of the chickens.  The big gray ones sometimes get on my nerves because they stalk me about the farm and yell all day.
They act all innocent but, I know they are secretly plotting to get me.   I try telling Mom about my concerns. But she leaves me outside with these monsters of the air. 
And closer they edge until...
I lose control and just bust out at them.
I told Mom to ask the fat ones with the things on their heads about those noisey chickens.
They became traitors that I will deal with later when they said, 'NAAAAAAAAAH!'

So I will spend my morning on the back porch until Mom comes to her senses and gets rid of those noisey chickens.  I bet she would be upset if something happens to me though; because I am the most loving off all.

See ya'll later -- I have a nap to take.
Banjo da Killah


Sharon said...


Poor Banjo, he does have a rough time of it with the birds. LOL!

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL Mrs. Sharon he gives as good as he gets. He has his moments of hustling the ladies. ;o)