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Friday, February 18, 2011

To Poke a Bit at Ocean Breeze's Jim

 For the last 6 days we have had near perfect weather.
  I am happy to hang out clothes to dry since, last months heating bill was $325. A huge increase -- 300%  from December due to cold weather.
YES Jim, Your eyes are not deceiving you; we are running about our dry South Texas farm in shorts.  :O)

Now this is our three year old lime tree.  It did not fare so well after the ice storm.  I will check to see if it is still viable once this next cold front moves in.  Can you believe; we may be experiencing temps dropping back in the 30s next week?  I am not sure I am ready after being spoiled.

I wanted to pass on to those who pass here some information.  Did you know you can buy items in bulk from Amazon?  No kidding, and if you have an Amazon Prime membership that means free shipping.  Since, I am a heavy coupon user I am always looking at purchasing our food items more wisely.  HEB price per Lipton Beef Stroganoff is $1.29 (without coupons) but, the Amazon price with coupon code 'UNILVR77' at check out unit price is .94 cents.   PLUS did I mention free shipping! LOL

I love these mixes because it is so easy to make in one pot with ground beef and a canned vegetable for a balanced meal.  I have even used beans when I didn't have meat thawed out.  I totally love Amazon; they have international foods section which are extremely hard to find in my area. 

I also wanted to pass on another website I found.  I was again looking for a site that was reasonable to order dried fruits, mixes, and other sundries in bulk.  So check it out, http://www.bulkhome.com/.  While some of the items are outrageous; others are not.  Just look at their vanilla beans or dried apples.  With free shipping for items over $25, some of their products are excellent bargins.

I tip my hat to Jim; who just happened to mention the bloggers he follows in a blog earlier this week.  I just love his method to get over his blog writer's block.  Go on over to his place; he takes the most gorgeous nature photos, EVER....

Shop wisely Ladies & Gents, this depression is not over yet.


Jim said...

Oh Mal! Get outta here! Now the pressure IS on!
Thanks for the 'rubbing in your face' weather report, Missy! You sure know how to WARM UP a person! lol
Loved it Mal. Thanks.

Sharon said...

Yep, Mal, that nice warm we have been having is going to leave us for a while, but it will be back with a vengeance!

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL @JIM, You are funny. No pressure get to writing. :O)

Sharon, It has been stunning out hasn't it?

Melodie said...

We are having that great weather here too..I don't think I can bear going back to the 30s...shudder!

floweringmama said...

Oh yes, shorts wearing weather here, too!

I try to buy in bulk, but because I am a full time student and not working some weeks it's all I can do to just barely make ends meet.

Greg said...

I love online shopping

polly's path said...

I watched a show a few weeks ago called Extreme Couponers. OMG.
It has inspired me to try and save. I get the digital newspaper, so i never get those coupons, and I have never been one to go online to purchase a coupon.
Yes, we have had the same weather. I sure do hope it does not go back down to the 30s. I already have summer clothes out.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blogging stuff, but it appears as if we have a lot in common. I buy in bulk and we raise most of our own food as well.
Thanks for the tips.


Texan said...

You are so right, Amazon is a great place to check!

I buy several food items from Amazon. I don't have a Prime membership but still with 25.00 is free shipping. I get organic arborio rice cheaper from them than I can anywhere! Since we eat a lot of that I have no problem ordering the 4 pk of containers. Also they have the best price I have found on organic maple syrup!

I use our Amazon Awards we get from the CC so usually I order and never spend a dime for the food or shipping!! woowhoo :O)

Oh our vacuum takes these bags that are just stupid in price at Walmart, (didn't realize this when I bought the vacuum) anyway Amazon's price is 1/4 or less the price! :O)