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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bottle Baby Bercer

Aries still refuses to suckle him.  He almost has the hang of the bottle.  Yes, he is currently living in our home wrapped in a towel inside a laundry basket.
One tip I will pass on to goat fanciers.  A lamb nipple will fit over a empty beer bottle 12 ounce just as easy as a plastic soda bottle.  Actually it fits better plus, I don't crush the beer bottle while feeding Bercer. We will have to figure out what to do with him in a few days once, this wet weather is played out.

I think I miss my calling as a veterinarian.
Sighs with relief........


Jim said...

Oh Mal you HAVE to stop putting up these adorable pictures!!! It's killing me,Jerry!
Is it too late to be a vet? I know, how ridiculous as how much time do you have left in the run of a day!

Sharon said...

Such a sweet picture! I hope he catches on and things run a little smoother for him!