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Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's All In Their Smiles

Cubby's first tooth paint job.  
 Standing Tall and being brave.
We need to get Saenz to an Orthodonist, maybe braces.
Here is our male turkey -- Grumpy.  This fellow begs to be loved on and doesn't startle. Now I just love these little birds.  They are curious and want to be held.  The boys and I are taking turns playing with them and ensuring they are eating/drinking.  We have not named the hens yet.  Grumpy has won our hearts though; he just begs 'PICK ME UP, PICK ME UP! when one of use looks into the brooder.

On a sad note: Roux did die late yesterday afternoon.  We have continued our care of Bercer but, I am thinking he will soon join his brother. 


Sharon said...

It looks like Zepher is having fun at the dentist!

Cute (?) little turkey :-)

So sorry about the twins, maybe there was something wrong with them, that the mother refused to mother them. :(


Nekkid Chicken said...


Zephyr was scared out of his mind. But, the painted teeth event cheered him up a bit.

I was thinking the same about the twins. Nothing else makes sense. The other kids are thriving and sassy to beat the band.

Nekkid Chicken said...

oh yeah, that is a turkey Saenz is holding. About the size of two week old chicken chicks and ten times as noisey. We just love Grumpy; he has quite the personality. And no fear! LOL

Janet said...

Nature does seem cruel at times-I agree with Sharon maybe something was wrong and thats why she rejected them- cute turkey chick !
why was there paint on Zepher`s teeth ?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Janet, Our dentist office uses a dye to stain the surface of their teeth. They then rinse and if pink is left over that is where a hygenist will clean the plaque and tartar. Really a cool way to do the job eh?

Take care,

PS I have Bercer inside the house with me now. He is currently snoozing in a laundry basket wrapped in a towel.