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Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Its Cold Outside

We noticed snow light flurries last night around 10:30.  Saenz and I could not sleep and kept vigil until around 3 a.m.; hoping to see our first real snow in South Texas.
 So out we went this morning for chores to find a crackling lawn, creaking trees, and slippery way.

 The ice on the feeders weighs a couple of pounds.
We had tried to put our older guineas inside but, they had other plans.  This morning we found this male crying next to his frozen mate.  Sometimes you just can not tame guineas.  So sad! :O( 
 All you can walk on is a thick layer of ice.
Ice Ice everywhere. 

Shiny equals slippery. 

We have just seen the sun for the first time in about five days.  Saenz got up with me at 6 -- took a look outside at all the ice and went back to bed.  Banjo kept me company until hubby woke up; then we went to do our chores.  Happy to say both nannies have not had their kids.  Zephyr is upset because we saw no snow but, what can you do? 

There is another artic front moving in and will be here by Tuesday.  I doubt snow will fall because it is no where near as big and lingering as this one.  For those peeps who are in the path of this one in the Southern United States please be prepared.  We are walking on about 1/2 to 1" of ice so ya'll may just be in trouble.

Off to take a nap and spend time with my menfolk.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

My goodness, We have the same weather! You changed your blog!!!! DO you like it. I was not sure I was at the right blog! Hang in there and stay warm....

Sharon said...

We are all okay here so far, 34 out there, radar showing pink and green blotches.

Sorry about your guinea. Poor male!

My net is SO slow this a.m. am about to give up! Tell me about your radio internet, it has to be better than this! I wonder if it's available here?

I am not looking foreword to the ice! DH just started working again after close to a month, will be a shame if he can't get there!

Sorry you didn't get your snow :( Has Saenz ever seen it there?

This is sure some lousy Winter! You guys stay warm as you can!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Melissa, I change my blog more often than I used to. So yup I like it. Now if only I can remember to change my hair color.

Did you get sleet too?
Brrrrrr It is still melting here.

Take care,

Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh Sharon, I do not envy you. It is nearing the 40s here and the ice is still melting. Can't believe it is going to drop back into the 20s tonight.

I love the radio internet, it is twice as fast and 1/2 price what I was paying at Wildblue Satellite.

I hope the male bond's with one of the younger females. We had that pair for three years now so, kinda sad over her death.

Saenz will get over the lack of snow. Once he finished his two math lessons; I cut him loose for the day. Since it is his birthday next week; I may just put him & Zephyr on winter break as an early Teenage Birthday present. (though Zephyr will still get some lessons in reading.)

Please girl, stay inside --- it is just too cold this week.

aswesow said...

That is amazing. Not often it'd be colder in Texas than on the Canadian prairie...in January!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Yes sleet. Some freezing rain. But it was mostly FREEZING! To think I live in Utah for over 10 years. NEVER again.....to cold. I have decided I like a warmer weather. Stay warm.....