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Monday, January 31, 2011

You Know a Frigid Cold Front is Coming When?

It is flipping in the 80s, and bee scouts keep you from your winter garden or hanging clothes on the line.  Yeppers, Ladies and Gents each time I have went outside today.  I have been kamikazied by bees; they are taking sore advantage before the next artic front is supposed to move in tomorrow -- dropping temps to the 40s tomorrow and in the freezing range later in the week.

Can you believe South Texas, has a possible chance of snow?  I wanted to bring in the broccoli  for dinner to go with some cauliflower and left over grilled chicken.  Those little winged monsters keep chasing me in the house and away from THEIR FOOD. LOL

We have been busy this passed weekend.  Do you remember we bought hubby's new car the day after Christmas? Well seems the dealership held up the issuance of the state license plates because; we did not give them two titles (we only had one).  So, if you ever buy a car, and trade one in with an original Maryland title. (It was registered in Texas yearly since 2006.) Remember you will need two titles.

Who knew? I will say this; those folks wishing to buy from GILLMAN HONDA in Selma, Texas just a -- note their customer service is lacking nor are they proactive in completing their transactions.  This meant, we had to drive back to Selma, 1 1/2 hrs each way to sign a form.  I had to tell them which forms they needed and the website the forms are located. 

On the way home from there we stopped at Texas Pride Barbecue, which has been featured on Food Network's 'Drive-ins, Diners and Dives,' and had lunch.  I loved the antiques with all the enamel signs and items it reminded me of an episode of American Pickers.  However, none of us really liked the barbeque, the brisket was kinda greasy with a salty rub and the chicken was cooked dry.  We did eat all the beans and homemade mac n cheese though.  We watched Zephyr play at their play ground and then came home.
Cubby's new trim his poppa gave him.  

Cubby is hard at work.
Banjo supervising, He says, "HEY GIL you missed a spot!" 
Sunday, hubby pulled out the tiller to prep the first of our garden beds.  So far, we have a small area winter garden that our broccoli and cabbage have, it measures 10' by 15' and this will become our herb garden in a few weeks.  The bed he is tilling in the picture is 15' by 45' and will contain our primary vegetables that do no vine. Lesson learned from the first year, do not put in watermelons or squash near other beds; they take over and make the garden too snakey especially in this area. 
This is how I encourage fire ants to leave my garden beds or planters.  I make them mad and then pour corn meal on the angry mound.  They eat the corn meal and take it to their nests; after drinking water.  No more ants. Simple treatment which may have to be done a couple of times but, effective and green way of controlling fire ants. 

Off to enjoy the rest of this lovely sunny day with the boys outside.
Take care Ya'll


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Texas doesn't know how to do BBQ anyway, y'all need some Carolina BBQ, chopped pork with lots of vinegar punch.

Nekkid Chicken said...

You ain't never lied, Joanna! LOL

The Farmer's Wife said...

Hey! Just stopping in to checkout your blog and say thanks for the comment... and... I was wondering if I could come live with you? Just until say... ummmm, mid-March should do it! Heh heh heh
I can't wait to get the tiller out and play in the dirt but for now we can't even see the ground! ;-)

Sharon said...

Not happy about the cold front coming, but what's a body to do? Put another quilt on the bed, I guess. I think 80 would be nice for a day or two first though.....

Vickie said...

I'll have to try the cornmeal thingie with my fire ants. I never treated them in the garden - didn't wanna poison ourselves, ya know... What happens to them? Do they die, or bloat, or blow up?

Very interesting.... enquiring minds want to know!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sure Wife, Come on down! LOL I bet you are just plain tired of the cold. Nice to meet ya!

It was really beautiful this passed week, Mrs. Sharon. Now we will have to pay the piper. Brrrrrrr winds gusts today are up in the 40s! Can you believe that?
Stay warm

Well Vickie, I think after they drink water; they die from bloating. All I know is, myself and the boys blister if we are bitten by those rascals. So good riddance I say. Even if they just move to another place where we don't step into their nests.
Stay Warm

Jim said...

Is there a GOD! Short sleeves and shorts in January!?? Gloating should be one of the DEADLY SINS!!lol

Thanks for tip on Fire ants. They have just hit Nova Scotia in the past few years and are a problem in parts of the city....not here yet....but now I am ready! Thanks Mal.