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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Friend Kat Is Back!

Wooo Hooo after a full month stateside, Ms. Kat is back on the island.  I am so happy to see you my Hawaiian Connnection. 

I love you my over the pond sistah!

Throws Confetti in the air,
Dances to Dion's The Wanderer.......

Click on this blog's title to take you over to Kat's blog.  She doesn't post often but when she does your hair will be blown back.


Sharon said...

I'll check her out Mal!

I hope you and the boys are having a productive day!

Jim said...

Mal! That was the first '45' record I bought back in 1962!!! It cost 98 cents. Oh the memories......thanks for this. And I will check out you blog buddy.

John Gray said...

ah the joy of a best friend
nothing like it

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Ms. Sharon! Are you ready for the Nor Easter coming your way???? Flipping cold it will be.

HEY JIM, How cool is that? That is neat to think of having a record collection. Takes one back

Howdy John, Going over to your blog to check on Andrew.

mixednut555 said...

You crack me up, my friend! Thank you....taking a little bow an brushing some confetti from my hair. Am here on the Big Island and looking for a job....ACK!!!!!!!! Wish me luck cuz I is scared!