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Friday, January 21, 2011

Been Surfing Over MD Creekmore's The Survivalist Blog

I have been blog surfing again by using the tag word ‘survivalist,’ and up pops this The Survivalist Blog; that I have found to be quite useful. At first I noticed all the sponsors on the right hand side of the blog but, don’t let this be off setting or make you click away. The ‘Emergency Seed Bank’ ad link offers information about the storage of seeds for future use, sweet deal. Then I got into the down and dirty of looking at MD Creekmore’s website and archives. His homestead is only two acres and he lives off the grid full time; can you believe that?

Now I know most of you are just scratching your heads wondering why I am looking at such information. Simple, I have two boys that absolutely love hunting, fishing, and being homeschooled. They loved the books in My Side of the Mountain trilogy so much; I went looking for a role model with similar skills as the main character found in those books. Basically I found a male similiar in character with the proper information and preparedness skills. MD Creekmore actually likes living in nature away from the bustle and din of modern living but, does so reasonably. So far this links has been my favorite:

(I totally agree with using family time to accomplish more when prepping.)

(many articles on gardening, food prep, and storage)

(every resource under the sun)

I fully understand living off the grid is not for everyone; especially those with mortgages and other numerous bills each month. However, learning how to grow food, hunt, and take care of oneself through say a lengthy power outage is crucial. Can you image say being in Los Angeles during a major earth quake or living well after a hurricane? MD Creekmore’s blog is a very worthy read, and does contain a little adult humor or language.

Click the title of this blog entry or the red letters to go to
The Survivalist Blog.



Sharon said...

Interesting, for sure, but don't let the boys get traumatized by these ads.

Jim said...

Great resource post Mal! Two houses 'down the road' are 'off grid'....one uses solar for 100% of it's needs, the other uses wind with three very small wind turbines on the roof!! It was always my dream to be off grid....maybe some day.
Will definitely check out this fella. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL Hey Sharon, Nah the boys don't have time to read Mom's rantings. They have enough work to keep them busy -- proud to say.

Jim, I am loving the ability to find new blogs by searching the tag lines in my profile of interest. We have looked into solar power for this place but, in 2007; 15K was not feasible. Hopefully before we become fodder for other organisms going green will not cost so much. You have a great weekend as well. :O)

Diane said...

Thanks for the link. I always read up on this kind of stuff.

Diane said...

The black chicken that laid the green tinted egg is big, flat combed, and small tufts of feathers sticking out where the check area would be. Originally we thought it was a male because she is so big, but never started crowing and acts nothing like a rooster. But to answer your question we do have a rooster, very handsome. I was told when we got the chicks that they were just mixed game hens. So to make a long story short we have a bantam, 6 games hens and possibly what you described in your comment to me.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Diane, You are very welcome. I love raising hens. In five short years I have raised over 300 and love to just watch them hurry about. Can't wait to fill the incubator this Feb. Headed over to you blog. Thanks for stopping by! :O) Mal