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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Phew! Don't know about ya'll but, for the last three weeks we seem to be passing around the same mutation of a virus to one another.  I get one person cleared up from the Ick and another comes down ill to include myself.  Latest victim in this Greek trajedy is Saenz.  However, he should be up and about if my recovery is any indication by tomorrow. 

Lisa is packing up her room today; her mother is picking her up tonight.  After a two week stay in San Antonio; Lisa is planning to move to California to live with some friends to find 'happiness'.  

Looking back at parental history, hubby at age twenty was gaining his feet, her mom by 20 was married to her dad with two boys, and I was serving in the Air Force in the Philippines. Though we both feel it is a mistake to undertake such an endeavor without: familial support, a steady job, financial plan & fallback monies, solid work ethic, and education but, we will be here in case she needs a soft place to land.  Hubby and I wish her a smooth path into adulthood.

Update on the Volvo, seems the seller did not notarize the proper forms and we have to make a trip back to San Antonio to get the corrected forms. (sigh -- I am antsy to hit the tar with boys in tow.)  All is good though since I still have a til Monday next week to get the car registered under our names.  When we finish perhaps we will take a side trip since we will already be in San Antonio.  Who knows -- our lives and schedules are fluid.

Another thing I managed to get done this week is to get a copy in the mail of a 'release of lien' from Ford Motor Credit for Bubba Junior, a 1995 Ford Ranger I bought as my first vehicle.  Yeppers, I tend to hold on to things until they are ready for the junkyard or longer.  In 2002, we left Bubba at my mom's house in storage when we were to be stationed in Portugal.  Well she asked if I could send her the title so, she could use the truck.  No problem since it had been sitting at her house forever and I felt guilty about the truck being there so long. I went looking for the truck's paperwork to my chagrin --- it was lost in the five or more moves since 2002.

So then began my journey of acquiring a proper duplicate copy of the title and such through the Texas DMV.  It has been over a year but, this week I have finally gotten one step closer to acquiring the correct paperwork to sign over Bubba to her.  What a journey of red tape it has been:   Fill out Form A and send to Organization B & you can acquire Signature Z before getting to Step 2.  (WHAT A MESS!) Anywhosits, after one phone call and $17 later and talking with a knowledgeable person at Ford Motor Credit; a release of lien is on its way.  Next step, no clue yet I have made some progress finally.  SORRY MOM

Both puppies made it through their surgery fine.  They are still harassing the hens and chasing rabbits they find in the yard.  Once Sonic moves out Banjo will not be the little follower and will probably spend his days cowering on the back porch.  It is a huge piece of mind knowing they will not be responsible for any more strays in the area.  While I love the dogs and made sure they are up to date on shots to include neutering; not everyone feels the same way.  One day though, we will get a bottle fed puppy (large bred) hand raise it and train it to be protective around chicks, rabbits, lambs, and such.  The only way to ensure the a dog will not become bird aggressive.

I just want to wish you all well.  And I hope none of ya'll experience the 'gift that keeps giving' -- winter ick.  Talk soon,


Diane said...

Thanks so much for your advice on the deer meat and visiting the blog. I have been reading yours for a while just didn't comment yet. Looking forward to future posts.

Judy's Corner said...

I despise bureaucracy...
AND, I don't want that gift y'all are passing around, thank you very much!

LOL... sounds like you are keeping busy, Mal. Hope everyone recovers quickly!

Sharon said...

Sorry about that gift, eventually it should wear out.

Ouch - good luck with the lost title!

All you can do about Lisa is hope for the best, I know what you are going through.


Jabacue said...

Mal, was wondering how the pups made out. Good they are OK.
Got our flu shots in November and DO NOT expect to get anything!! As you know, men are such wimps when they get sick! My Mom was so good with her boys when they caught something.....but, that's what Moms are for. Right?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Diane, You are much welcome. I hope you find what you need to process your lucky gift. I too am looking forward to your posts. Take care,

Judy, This season has been the worse so far. I don't think I have heard anything clearly for the last two weeks. If I am not feeling any better tomorrow; I have to have myself checked for dreaded sinus infection. I can't stand tunnel hearing. Always busy, always moving Ms. J as much as you and Joe do; I think. Hope you are ready for the storm system moving towards the East.

Stay warm and dry,

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, I am ready to just about give up some days with the title search. Such a pain but, my personality won't let it rest or die. LOL

Jim, Both dogs are on the mend. Sonic is a city dweller now and Banjo keeps company with the hens on the back porch. He is not so apt to start trouble without his partner in crime. You Men stay warm and dry -- shore up for this next storm; it packs a wallop.

Take care,

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Thanks for the update sorry for the ick. There is a ton a homeschooling mom can find to do on a trip to San Antonio. Have fun.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

atleast swine flu is not back in your area!
it is here and intensive care is full!!!

take some vit c mal
have a better week


Mal, I hope you all feel better soon.

I also hope Lisa finds what she's looking for in California. Live and learn.


BTW, I don't know if I ever told you how much I like your profile photo. It commands a lot of respect. :-)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Melissa, Thanks for stopping by. I need to check on your giveaway. Hope all went well and you are enjoy this break from the heat.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey John, Ooooh, I don't know what we had but I was wiped out for about one week. Just slept and stared into space on the couch. LOL My boys are like OH NO MOM is back.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Ron, Thanks for the compliment on the pic. Hee hee, command respect. I like that! And thanks for the well wishes.