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Friday, January 14, 2011

Been Thinking

Just the other day,  I found myself weeping after seeing the coffin of Little Miss Green being loaded for burial.  It was such a sad thing to witness; a small coffin being lifted into the herse.  I had never met the slain child who was an innocent bystander in the Arizona shooting that targeted Rep Gabby Giffords but, I cried at the loss.  Just the sight alone moved me emotionally because I am a mother.  I felt such loss for her parents.  I also must add that I watched the memorial service at the Arizona University in which President Obama delivered a beautiful eulogy on behalf of those who died with mention to those folks who put themselves in harm's way.

Now you are probably wondering why I am writing; well this is about personal responsibility.  I have been thinking if we all took on some personal responsibility and apologize more perhaps we can help others; especially those in dire need of assistance.  Yes, there will always be the rogue person who takes on violent acts to get a reaction which catapults them into the media spotlight. 

I will give you an example that just really pissed me off to no end which happened at the local court house when trying to register my Volvo. (Yeppers it is still not accomplished.)

My husband and I purchased the car on the 29th of December and had to wait until the following Monday to take the paperwork to the court house due to the holidays.  No problem we had his vehicle, so on the 3rd we went and was told that we didn't have the correct forms and the Affadavit of Repair had to be notarized.  Okay, so that meant a trip back to San Antonio on the 8th since, I could not drive the car on the road legally yet and had to wait until hubby had a day  off.  We did make the trip and got the Affadivit of Repair signed and notarized.  Well, this week I waited until I was not dragging the boys out of the house into inclement weather since, they -- we were just getting over the ICK.  So yesterday, I went to the court house with my paperwork and the notarized form.  Paid the taxes, got the plate and the registration sticker and took the boys to lunch.

No sooner than I got back home; I received a phone call saying I had given the Court House the wrong Affadvit notarized, the state inspection form had the wrong date and VIN on it.  What the Hay?  Those forms were the ones the Court House staff had checked not only just that morning but also on the 3rd.  OH and now I had to pick up the paperwork before they closed for the day.  WHAT???? No apologies No, I am sorry for making a mistake from the staff.  Off I packed up Zephyr, Saenz had taken some cold medicines and was already taking a nap. 

Get this, not only did they keep the Salvage TITLE, The Bill of Sale, The Incorrect State Inspection Paperwork, My Insurance Card; THE CHICK there told me I needed to Listen to HER tell me How I had made the mistake in front of other Customers. LOL  (OKAY this is where I was like thinking of the trajedy in Arizona.) No Wonder Folks who are not well grounded wind up resorting to violence. I also entertained in my head, snatching that smug, little ole, state government employee, lady's wig off and unfurling it around the court house but, I refrained and left quietly. 

In this case, perhaps if those 'official employees' had taken on some responsibility for making a mistake and said "I am sorry to put you through this again."  Then I would not have felt so angry?  But NO, in today's society no one apologizes or takes responsibilities for their actions.  Even the words that are written by others are said to carry no weight or the owner only takes the 'positive actions' for their written words.  I am here to tell all who care to read. 

WORDS ARE  THE RESPONSIBLITY of those who speak or write them, writers are responsible for their incendiary words, and perhaps we all should be looking for ways to help others who are still hurting or are angry.

If any of you who read this are upset. I apologize for my intent is to start discussions, exhange ideas, or similiar experiences.  For on Tuesday, I will still go back to the courthouse and know; I did the best job I could while trying to follow government instructions.


Cat said...

Sadly, sometimes it's true.

I have found, though, I have to watch my attitude, as well. If I go loaded for bear, (figuratively), things don't get accomplished.

I have found that I have to stop and (hard as this might be) figure out where THEY are coming from. I found this works especially when I am doing desk work at the substation. When I am working with someone that has come in with a traffic ticket, and I have to explain that they came to the wrong place, I have more than once had the person fly into a rage. I have to remember, this isn't MY fault, and they are working at the best of their abilities at the moment.

Sometimes it still gets me angry, (when I am treated like a complete idiot, after working to solve a problem I didn't create, or don't even need to solve), that can get interesting.

But yes, if we could work more on how the other person could feel and less on how much it annoys the s### out of us, (I think the Golden Rule thingy might apply here...), perhaps we could work out some of these problems with a bit less strife. At least I hope so.

My 2 cents, kaching!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Beautifully said Ms. Cat.

Though I thought the lady was doing 'just' her job.

I felt she lacked in the customer service department by not apologizing for an oversight.

Her mistake cost me now two (200 mile roundtrips trips) to San Antonio so, I am looking for the silver lining instead.

Perhaps hubby will take me out to lunch on Saturday. :O)

Sharon said...


Judy's Corner said...

Carry a letter with you on Tuesday, Mal. Carry a letter that thanks the challenged worker for :
1. the opportunity to have spent quality time with your sons in the hundreds of miles driven to and fro in attempting to comply with the stated regulations
2. the opportunity to help home-school your youngsters in, not only the fine wheels as they turn in the governmentally-tuned shop, but the lessons of how important it is to pay attention to the detail when transacting business (don't simply assume the cashier gave you the correct change, count it, etc.)
3. the opportunity to exercise that gift with which God most definitely must have blessed you -- patience -- for we all know that exercise is a GOOD thing...

I feel your pain, Mal. I hope there are silver linings in the experience... I suspect there are.

Diane said...

Sorry you had such a rough time. Anytime you have to handle something like that it goes so much better if you have a nice informed person to deal with. Hope you have a better weekend.

Jim said...

I don't know what stopped you from asking to see a 'supervisor' and explain to them the error that was made was made by them! I know you were upset and I would be too. We shouldn't allow things like this to persist,they ought to be confronted in a mature and constructive manner. Otherwise, it goes on and on and on.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

sorry to hear to feel so sad

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon

LOL Judy, I love your style. :O)

Thanks Diane, I hope your ban on spending has went well.

Jim, She was the supervisor and I did not want my paperwork lost until after; I have a hard title in my hand. :O)

John, Feeling sad is okay as long as I don't get weighed down in the sadness. HUGS You big ole softy.