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Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Giveaways I am hoping to win. :O)

First is Texan's Goat Kid Coats.  I will probably wind up purchasing probably about a dozen of these adorable fleece coats she makes.  I believe the cut off for this giveaway is on the 31st of January.  So click on her name up there and it will take you to the giveaway instructions. She has many colors; I just love the egg plant purple but, I am not sure hubby will. LOL

The other giveaway is on Homestead RevivalAmy is promoting a new seller who just starting selling the soaps she makes for her own son who has eczema.  Since both my boys suffer from allergies and eczema; I will probably being trying this hand made soap.  Same directions just click the link to take you to the instructions.  Or you can click on the pictures I have posted to the right column on my blog. 

Now for this morning's news.  Zephyr woke up with a slight fever this morning.  I hope it breaks soon because I wanted to go to the home schoolers meeting this evening.  Unfortunately unless he is better; we will have to stay home.  For one thing, I do not believe in taking sick children to events.  Secondly, I can not see well enough to drive at night.  Third, I just could not stand the idea of passing on a virus to anyone with a compromised immune system. 

So, we will see how the day goes, go check out the two giveaways.  Who knows maybe you will get lucky?

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Nice giveaways! Yep, I am vieing for one of those little coats myself! Think it would be perfect for Jack!

Yep, if he has a fever, better to stay home or have him stay home with Dad (if he's home). Um, I understand about the night driving too.