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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Is What I Am Here For

"That Is What I Am Here For"
January 26, 2011

Sometimes you ponder the why’s of what I do
Or ask “What exactly are you about?”
Well my hubby and sons I will tell you
What I am here for
I am here to comfort your wandering mind
To wipe away tears, kissed scrapped knees, and boo boos
To sit watch over you in your feverish sleep
To hold you when your dreams are bad
To encourage you when you want to try something new
Soften the blows from life when you fail
To hold your hand on your first or millionth step
To push you when you want to hide

I am here to make you smile because I am a tad loony
To be your memory in case you need to learn from history
I am here to make sure your home is clean and pantry full
Dishes are washed with dinner on the table

Yes, I had a life before I was blessed chosen to be a wife
But that was then, I've lived many lifetimes; 
I achieved my wildest dreams, fulfilled my destiny as soon as
As soon as I held you (my boys) in my arms;

To be here for you; that is what I am here for.

This poem is dedicated to Saenz and a conversation we had three nights ago.  He wanted to know if I was bored being a wife and mother; that perhaps I had not gotten the chance to live a fulfilled life.  It is funny how folks will think, women who choose to have children or be a wife; have no prior life or are unhappy.  I guess my place now doesn't seem as exciting to him as when I wore the Air Force uniform.  It is hard to explain to a mind that is slowly opening up to grasp the meaning of life; how small things are important. 

Yet, I am happier now than I have ever been in my life.  I am so truly blessed to have the responsibility and joy of being their mother and wife to their father.  To me being 'Mom' is just as scarey (exciting) as holding an M16 and standing guard at a entry control point. I never know what is going to happen nor the outcome from our shared experiences.  It is definitely much more thrilling to be on the roller coaster ride of the day to day with my menfolk. 


Jana C. said...

Oh goodness you made me cry. I don't have your background, all I ever wanted to be was a mom, and I have been constantly since I was 19. I wouldn't want another job !

Nekkid Chicken said...

Awe, Didn't mean to make you cry. Just writing what is in my heart. It is funny some Moms are born to be Moms. Others come to Mommie-hood late in life. Whatever the path a Mom takes to get to the place of happiness with the role is not important as long as she helps form happy human beings. And I know it is not an easy path. Not every child will be happy but, as long as she tries.

polly's path said...

that was beautiful. Gave me chills.
I haven't had time to blog or read blogs in about a month. I need to catch up with all you've been up to, sister.

Sharon said...

Lovely post, Mal. I couldn't have said it better.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I know you love being a Mom now and you're really committed to it.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Ladies! Nice to see you online Ms. Polly. I hope you are uber warm Mrs. Sharon. Brrrrr

Yes Ms. Joanna, And I know I am prone to making lots of mistakes of which; I apologize for daily. LOL

troubadore9 said...

It's amazing that Saenz would think along those line watching you everyday being a mom,wife,veterinarian,landscaper,carpenter,priest,house make,cook,teacher,etc.

That does show that he is starting to be able to question his role in life as it changes from child to adult.

He and Zephyr couldn't have better role models in you and Gil.The proof of the pudding will be when they are grown with families of their own making those sacrifices that the two of you have made for the betterment of the family.

mixednut555 said...

:) Lovely!!!!

Jim said...

Well said my dear! Your are much appreciated I am sure!