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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beeville Art Museum

Well the boys and I took off again for a local art museum.  I wish had lots of pictures to show you but, I was limited to taking pictures outside the museum -- no cameras allowed.  The house's (museum) inside architecture was pretty darn cool and I would wager the house was over 80 years old before conversion. So here is a picture of the boys outside with a few of the sculptures.  Zephyr got a kick out of the bull with the three people who appear to be throwing themselves over the horns much like the ancient Greek males did in arenas long ago. 
While this one looked like a flower stamen.
We had a tour, and I asked the boys lots of questions to hear their opinion of the artwork.  The art museum is very small less than 40 pieces of artwork were displayed a few each: oils, water colors, acrylics, photos, and scuptures.  However, the boys and I enjoyed ourselves and we learned about some local artists.  In few months, there will be an artist who will offer some classes in the use of water colors so, I have to keep a watch out for that.  I do believe taking the boys for lessons will prove to be a valuable because each of them are highly creative.

After the tour, I took them to the park just up the street to allow them to burn off steam since, being polite and well behaved is such hard work. :O)
 Okay can you see? There is actually a hole in this tree; thought it was kinda neat.

 At home, we started a crystal garden and tree from kits Mr. Larry sent to the boys.  This is not a project for small hands or those with lack patience.  LOL However, I managed to get them set up and will take pictures of the items as they progress.  The whole growing process takes about 10 hours.  This was our science / observation project of the day.  I will post photos tomorrow of the finished projects. 

Will see ya laters......


Sharon said...

That sounds like a fun day! I have NO clue where the nearest Art museum is around here. The park looked like fun!

Those crystal things - we made our own with bluing. Lots of fun, am anxious to see how the kit ones work! Maybe we blue it!

Judy's Corner said...

Glad to see you are having fun with your new wheels, Mal! The boys appear to be having a lot of good times learning and that is a good thing!

Y'all have fancy crystal growing projects.... we just put a string in a dixie cup of sugar water and in a day or two.... we had crystals... (OK, they were rock candy, but the LOOKED like crystals!) LOL


Melodie said...

What a fun day! This is the kind of "school" that makes kids love to learn! The proof is in those smiling faces!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Never heard of bluing. Will look that up Ms. Sharon. I think the weather will force us inside today. Good thing I have lots to do with the boys. LOL And laundry of course.

Hey J! I am thoroughly loving SHEIKH. I will try the sugar and string thing. That sounds like a project the boys would love. Would adding food dye make the crystals a different color?

Awe, Thanks Melodie. Our next project is going to be the finger print kit, Mr. Larry sent them. I am so hyped up to see how that one turns out.

Diane said...

Looks like a great day was had by all. Thanks for your advice on the books. I have heard alot about the Phantom Tollbooth, need to get a couple of that one. We got another egg today. Looking forward to so many more.