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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simply family in touch with life

Each day, I awake to either stare off into the ceiling until my brain is ready to move. Or, I get out of bed to dress and get Saenz ready for school along with little man. Mind you; I wait until the sun has peeked in or we will chance running into a skunk, coyote, or oppossum on the way to our farm truck. Then armed with thermos or juice box we make our way to George West in relative silence for the 13 miles through back country "farm to market" roads.

My sons are fortunate because they can witness nature on our small five acres with our animals or play the wild animal tally each time we take a trip. This fine morning it was only 62 degrees outside and still kinda dark and we counting 5 rather large field rats, 3 Mexican eagles eating roadkill, countless cows of different breeds, butterflies and one very lost wild pig that ran out in front of us. Each day brings us new tallies and adventures in the 45 minute round trip. I think about how different their life would be in San Antonio with busing to school and traffic jams on the way home.

Each day I count my blessing for the sweetness of our country home, almost none existent crime, clean air (minus cow piles and chicken pooh), and realize we are simply family in touch with life around us.



mixednut555 said...

I can see the picture you are painting with your words. David and I lived in the country when we first moved to San Diego about 5 years ago. We were in our motorhome and camped out 17 miles from nowhere for 3 years. I loved it there so much, seeing all the wildlife, having clouds of hummingbirds around all the time, seeing a billion stars at night because we were so far from town. The closest store was over 10 miles down the "hill", and that was just a 7-11 for emergencies. I miss it sooooooooo much. I opened a blog on here too, going to transfer pertinent ones from ebay as well. Thanks for the good idea!

Nekkid Chicken said...


You give me hope there are still beating hearts in the world. Really, I mean that. Let me know when you are here so I can subscribe. I just miss the beauty & poetry of living well. Instead it seemed the place where my entries were before--were DOWN A DEEP WELL; if that makes sense?

Much Love,

mixednut555 said...

I've subscribed already. I think if you click on my avatar it will take you to my blog. Does that make sense? That was how I read Jerri's blogs. It is under your followers. I think I will like it here better because there are things I didn't feel I could say on the ebay blogs. Too afraid of being torn to bits. LOL, you know what I mean. Anyway, I gotta get U'i to school so will be back later if I get a chance.