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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Skunks raided our Guinea Coop

This is a sad day on the farm, our guinea coop was raided last night by skunks. (caught in the act) Four guineas and one banty rooster was carried off. Makes me sad to know they met such a violent death.
Hubby, the boys and I will be reinforcing their house this afternoon. Yesterday, my favorite banty hen was taken, Orange Glo. She was such a great mother and egg sitter. She was also a hen that like to be handled and petted. I do try not to handle my birds much, I would rather they be 'natural.'
Good bye guineas, Sprout & Orange Glo
Thank you bonnielege for being so sweet and understanding for lighting that candle. It's much appreciated.
Hanging wings down here


Jennifer said...

Poor chickens. I have friends who from time to time have problems with dogs and wild pigs. It's sad every time. I never knew skunks would go after chickens. I guess all one really thinks of is the stink, not what they eat.

I miss making my contributions. No word yet as to when I'll be completely back but I'll be in from time to time.
Have a great weekend!

troubadore9 said...

That is so sad.How do the skunks get in?Digging under,over,through any slight gap in the structure?I know they are terrible for raiding chicken coops.

mixednut555 said...

Aww, Mal, so sorry to hear about your losses. I'm thinking it might be time for a gun. Just my opinion.


Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY JENNIFER, I am happy to see you on line. Yes, skunks tore into the bottom of the coop but we reinforced it and added concrete blocks to keep them from digging under. You have a great week and hope you get back online soon.
Nekkid Chicken


It was a bit of both Trou, they dug under the coop on the edge and ripped part of the mesh that had loosened. Thanks,

We are going to look today but have an eye on this 410 over/under .22 so, I may become a gun toting momma. Also, have a feeler out for a handgun. Small hands need smaller weapons.