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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mr. Dennis & my thoughts

I have a friend, Ms. Lilly and she is in her late sixties as well as her husband. Since we moved here in 2006, Mr. Dennis has been ill. The visible changes in his carriage and physical appearance are very noticeable and rapidly change. Ms. Lilly spends the better part of each week driving him to and from medical appointments in San Antonio (VA) and Corpus Christi.

It is so hard to watch a person deteriorate before your eyes however, from my vantage point it's more noticeable than from hers. This man is the love of Ms. Lilly's life and though she knows he is slipping--I can see changes in her. I really don't know if she is afraid he is suffering or more afraid of being alone with no one to take care of.

Another thing I think about is what is he thinking and feeling since he surely must know his time is drawing to a close in this life. I wonder he is too is just wondering when his suffering is going to end and the strain he most know he is putting on his wife from all the care she has to give. So, I sit and think about how I would carry on if I was in the same boat. Would I be a loving and supportive spouse if it was my husband?

All I can hope to do is be available for Ms. Lilly and be willing to listen to her fears and wipe her tears. I can offer her a place to come when she needs a break from her self. Though there are two decades separating our lives, I can see so much of me in her and vice versa. I pray & mediate to find the same grace and humility she walks with everyday.

Love Ya Ms. Lilly,


Jennifer said...

Ms. Lilly sounds like an amazing woman. I love such people.

Glad you enjoyed the tights. I love Halloween.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hee Hee, I can't remember the character's name in HR Puffinstuff but she was funny. Thanks I love her to pieces. She is really great people and so is Mr. Dennis.

Hugs, Mal

Jennifer said...

Ok. So the bedroom should be bigger then the laundry room. The kids ran away with the ruler.

Forgot to mention maiden name is Lilly. It's rare that I find or hear of another Lilly.

mixednut555 said...

I'm betting Ms. Lilly loves you just as much. I'm sure you would be just as much of a support to your hubby if he was deteriorating as Mr. Dennis is because you are already supportive of people who are hurting and going thru so much. Love you, Mal.


Nekkid Chicken said...

AAAAAAAAAAA jennifer, you crack me up. Sorry, I am just OVER observant and pay close attention to details. Much Love, Mal

Nekkid Chicken said...


Where is your blog sugar? Are you still feeling down? I think of you all the time. We are still seeing dragonflies, way cool ones too. Super large and jet black, teeny brown ones and a few greens. It's cool because we have a dragonfly raceway some days.

Much love & your kind words are appreciated!


mixednut555 said...

I'm ok, just deleted my blog because it sounded too whiney to me. Very cool on the dragonflies. I haven't seen any for awhile, we don't see them by our house, but often at the beach. We started a new thing, going to a different beach every week. We draw a name of a new beach each week and then go there. So haven't been to my "dragonfly beach" in awhile.