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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you wonder?

Today, while driving Saenz to school. I thought about a news story I watched on television last night.

The subject dealt with:

A former scientist that was not mentioned in this years' awarding of the Pulitzer Prize in science. Yet, the men who did win stood on his research and discovery. The non-awarded discovered the gene that causes jellyfish to glow. They used his research to develop a technique to HIGHLIGHT the growth of cancer cells within living tissues. The non-awarde is now an out of work, scientist who found a ten dollar an hour job driving a courtesy van at a car dealership.

So here is the thought:

What brush of greatness have you had?

What thoughts rumble in your brain that never get to paper or see fruition?

As a fourth grade child, (LOS ANGELES, California) I got in serious trouble in my science class for suggesting that in the future test tube babies would be possible. Think about that, I was 8-9 in 1974 and I was almost suspended for suggesting such an UNGODLY act.

What future advancements are waiting on the tongue of small children who are blessed not to have constraints on their thinking & just need some one to listen.

Any who, I am just thinking aloud.

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