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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Teaching Personal Repsonsibility

This is a sticky wicket with me. Friday, Saenz's teacher called me to inform of his lack of homework assignments. This shocked me to the core because he is not allowed to go anywhere in the house right after school until his homework is completed. As we work on it, I cook dinner & help Zephyr color.

The end of the six weeks was this passed week, and he has been dinged with three homework missing points. Basically this means he is not allowed to participate in Fabulous Friday. (Pizza Party, untucking of shirts and extra recess.) And here is where the problem lays:

He was all in tears about 'forgetting' his homework assignments and had the gall to ask me to help him out. Promising to turn in all his assignments if I call his teacher to get him allowed to participate.


1. What about the other children who met the standard?
2. Even hubby was pressuring me to HELP him out.
3. Do parents really expect their children to learn by shouldering all the weight of their child's mistakes and learning experiences?
4. I helped my child each night with his homework, ensured his homework was in his folders placed in his backpack, and taken to school everyday.
5. Does Saenz think BARGAINING with me will make me forget his responsibility to himself, his classmates and teacher?


I told him "No way on this planet would I; pick him up early or get him to Fabulous Friday."

It is my responsibility to allow my child to feel the PRICK & Pain of his own lack of personal responsibility. Mind you, I am all for helping my child just not for shouldering his responsibility. Perhaps, this one disappointment will enable him to see how his INACTION'S carry weight and consequence?

WHO KNOWS but, this is my thought for the day.

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Jennifer said...

It's a great thought. My mom helped me out with my homework but if I slacked off, it was on my own shoulders.
Kudos to you for standing your ground.