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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Helping my son over come IRLEN

Just this year my eldest son, Saenz has been diagnosed with IRLEN or a variant on dyslexia. We already know he has ADD but a mild form. (MY theory is his behavior is linked to his inability to see as others do & thus he acts out.)



Since white paper and fluorescent lighting seems to be an issue for him. We are switching back to regular light bulbs in his room and the kitchen table (homework) station. This hopefully will help cut down some of his headaches until a certified physician comes back down to Cow & Chicken Town to test his 'color variation & astigmatism' and prescribe his layered colored glasses.

What is interesting is; his special education teacher wants to test me to see if his diagnosis has a heredity link. Either way, all I know is I have no depth perception, am clumsy and hate bright lighting.

Never knew my penchant for very dark curtains may be a link to a visual encoding & decoding problem in my own brain.

I will write more as we know more...............

Stay tuned, and I will let you know about regular vs. fluorescent light bulbs.


mixednut555 said...

One of my sisters is a special Ed. teacher. She went to New York a few years ago, met the author of a book, I think the title is Smart, but Feeling Dumb, don't know the author's name. Anyway, my mother had found the book and paid for this trip where my sis was tested by the author, she has IRLEN, and another form of dyslexia. Her glasses help alot, but the biggest help is no white paper or flurescent lights. She actually has light bulbs in her own house that are yellows and reds. Anyway, best of luck with Saenz.

hayesatlbch said...

You might want to read the information about visual dyslexia at www.dyslexiaglasses.com before you put out the money for an Irlen evaluation.

There are no guarantees with Irlen Lenses . If they don't help you pay anyway and Irlen lenses have a high failure rate as far as removing the visual problems. If you want to accept their standard of "is this color better than that" then they can claim success even if all your visual problems remain.

See Right Dyslexia Glasses are much more effective, they need no personal evaluation and have a money back guarantee. Your only financial risk is that you have to pay for return shipping.

Jennifer said...

My mother and brother are dyslexic. It was the same as your situation. She didn't know until my brother was tested. We lived in a town where the color sheets were being used for the first time. I remember my brother being featured on the news.
Good luck with the it all.