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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Versatile = Handy or Adaptable Award

Texan was kind enough to recognize my eccentricity and give me a versatile blogger award. Thanks lady, I enjoy reading your blog and one day hope to become the handy gardener that you have become.  I also love reading about your adventures and loving relationship.  In marriage, each party has to be adaptable or else the marriage will not last. 

Before I comply with the 'rules' of this award; I trotted off over to Feral Female's blog just to see what Texan was yakking about.  Right away, I joined as a follower -- love the pithy commentary and will be waiting with baited chicken breath to read more from your archives.  The high on the 'haybale photo' cracked me up and reminded me of kid Pices taking a shot at hubby on the day kid Opposum was born.  Way too funny for cha cha, so many goats and such preditable behavior. LOL

On to the OFFICIAL STUFF and Proceedings.

Things about myself no one knows (or if they did I dumped their bodies already.)

I love giving speeches, acting, being a emcee, teaching a classroom, and once served as instructor on Iraklion Air Station; Crete, Greece as installation CPR, Self Aid and Buddy Care, and Basic Life Savings skills instructor.

I have gotten in a fight with a drunk sailor and WON in the Philippines.  He started assaulting one of my female friends and pulling on her clothing -- middle of the street mind you.  Well,  I jumped him after he put his hands on her -- in a horrible manner -- she was screaming NO -- passerbys just kept walking. We (with me on his back) fell through a plate glass window as I was punching him; he wound up on Admin / International Hold for assaulting my friend. NUFF SAID   Personally, I think I have seen Norma Rae one too many times. LOL

I once got on stage to dance like the Philippino bar girls however, I kept my clothes on.  I have also went with a herd of Marines to the Nipa Hut.  If you want to know -- just Google it. LOL Not for the PG crowd, and yes it was quiet gross but; I learned stuff about human nature.  MIND YOU, I now empathize with 'randy goats.'

I stop for folks on the side of the road in case they need help. (Drives my husband nuts, and he usually drives because of this.)

I can tolerate all music except for Korean Opera -- brings up horrible memories of being a teenager at my first job with a tyrannical boss; who's short statue place his eyes right on my SHE BAGS. A very self-conscience time I think in a blooming female's life.

I have pledged to be a perpetual student and so far, I have accumulated over 200 semester hours just to keep my honor.  I don't understand the need for television on; in place of reading a great book.  My theory is, if you are not learning then it's fluff.  While fluff is good for pillows, it is not for the brain.  Keep stuffing that sponge (brain) full because you never know when; you will need useless facts to kick serious hiney at Trival Pursuit.

At age 16, I found myself in the foster care program.  The family I stayed with in central Los Angelos was a wonderful Mexican family.  Decades later, I am happily married to a Hispanic; love the tight knit family culture.

 My Nomination and why?

My nominee is Kelley. This woman works her A. DOUBLE S off trying to rescue kittens in her neighborhood.  I have learned so much about kitten biology just from reading her life adentures.  Personally, if folks would take the time to spay or neuter pets then the world would not be such a dramatic place for feral animals.  It breaks my heart, her family is scarificing so much to clean up a problem which is in fact, a national issue.

Now I am off to do some chores.  We are super stoked to have our daughter visiting from San Antonio.  WOOO HOOO, Doncha love family?


Sharon said...

It sounds like you had quite the interesting career in the service!

You have those steaks yet? I hope you are having a great weekend!


Texan said...

Ok I will walk with you anywhere since you can take on the bad guys!! I am impressed! Your friend was lucky to have you there to help :O)...

I too lived with a family for a year that was not mine, Not in Mexico but never the less.. I also was lucky enough to get to live with my grandparents for about half my life.

I agree being adaptable in marriage is a good thing! You cannot just leave your marriage laying on the ground and expect it to last!

I have to look up Nipa Hut, well you knew I would! I don't think DH was ever over there but will ask him if he knows what that is LOL he was a Marine :O)...

I am totallllly impressed with your amount of schooling. I so think about going back to school, I do not have a degree and I would like one. I just need to get my head on straight and realize its their game and if I want to play I have to follow their rules... Maybe just do it online that might be better for me.

Melodie said...

You have had an interesting and adventurous life! Some how I get the feeling you are not planning on slowing down one bit!

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Mal You touch my heart in so many ways :)
I'm glad I share your adventure with you. I'm so thankful for you.
I enjoyed your post lol
Laughed my butt off
Thanks You Chicken You!
Now off to show off the babies!!
Love to the boys, Gil and Lisa!!
I'm excited you have her!
Love Ya!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

a fight with a sailor hey?

that's the stuff of legend.....

have you a tattoo of an anchor???

Nekkid Chicken said...

No Sir,

I have a tattoo of a Monarch Butterfly the size of my hand.

Neener Neener! LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yeah my twenties were a blur of adventures and misadventures, Sharon. Thing is, no risk taking would have lead to a completely mundane life. Not my nature, Good Morning by the way.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Texan, Don't be impressed it was just a way to keep myself out of trouble and preoccupied as far as school. If I had my nose in a book then I could not pillage. LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

Melodie, I will be late to my own funeral. LOL

Sharon, The meat order was flipping fantastic. If you ever try Omaha Steaks, get some to the mediterrean beef kabobs. So tasty, the meat is super tender. I think I may order some for a Fathers Day treat for hubby.

Texan, Did you find the Nippa Hut? LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

Kelley, Are you looking at my 'she bags'? LOL take care sweetie much love.

polly's path said...

That settles it. Next time I go to the Philippines, I am taking ya with me.

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Honestly Mal :)

I wish everytime Your blog made me smile out of pure humor, You could see it.

As I read your blogs, my whole face smiles.
You are a riot of information and adventure!