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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Body Part for Texan! LOL

ROFL Texan You crack me up! Hee Hee, my husband had not even heard about my fight nor the Nippa Hut I wrote about on my Versatile Blogger post. I think he would pass out if, he knew my entire sordid past.  I believe we all have stories to tell just some are more willing than others to fess up.  One day, I will write a book; I have a title already picked out.  "NEKKID TRUTHS: From An Inquiring Chicken's Mind."


Yes, that is a swallowtail butterfly tattoo.  It is larger than my palm and my first tat.  I drew the picture and took it in to shop in San Antonio to have done at the ripe old age of 30.  Why a butterfly because they are a symbol for profound change of a soul or unfurling growth. Another interesting factor in Greek Myth: Psyche  means soul; she was represented by the shape of a butterfly and she was linked to EROS the god of love.  Which at the time I did not know my husband would soon be coming into my life.

 I wear my boots or flip flops all year round.  If I had to work outside my house; I would probably die since, my feet have not been in shoes in FOREVER! 

Thing is my sons or grandkids can say!

Per the request......LOL

Yeah we are going to the Texas State Aquarium this weekend. Hip Hip Hooorah!


Texan said...

Another interesting factor in Greek Myth: Psyche means soul; she was represented by the shape of a butterfly and she was linked to EROS the god of love

I like the above very much! Thats neat :O)...

Great tat you have! Now that had to have hurt. LOL...I have never thought of getting a tat but I almost got my belly button pierced!Ya I weenied out...

I see a pair of farm boots with shorts!! yee haw... I think Laughing Duck is right. One of the farm magazines needs to put all us blogger farm gals on their cover with our farm boots on!! tee hee

and I think that is a great name for your book!!

Sharon said...

You have a journal started? Wish I had started when I was a kid! I just started one when I turned 63, when I realized I was forgetting things from now - not the past, but if I had started earlier, maybe a book would not be so difficult. Good Luck with your (future) book!

Melodie said...

YOu need to show a better picture of your tat! I hear ya,all I wear are rubber boots and flip flops too!The flip flops drive my hubby crazy because he says there are too many things to poke through them on the farm and he is right, I have had my share of wire,thorns and what not go through them!But gosh is is just so darn hot I can't bear the thought of wearing regular shoes!Besides ,I had my tetanus shot ,might as well get my money out of it,lol!

polly's path said...

Melodie-you are so funny!!!
That's what I said(about my money out of the tetanus shot) last week when a piece of wood came all the way through my shoe-I was trying to break if off with my foot.
Nekkid-back to your post:)-love the butterfly and its meaning.
Cool. I am too weenie for anything involving needles. Wanted to get my belly button pierced a few years ago.

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Right on Combat boots are Needed!
I wore mine at my wedding under my dress. If I would have known.. I would of packed ammo too!
Flipity Flops everyday! Mine are Green! With a heel thank you!

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

BTW I noticed,,, YOU SHAVED!