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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A.D.D. or Just NOT Interested?

Since we spend most of our days within the house during the heat, encrusted mosquito, summer.  I have to come up with ways to get the boys to help me clean (without being a drill sergeant) which, is actually my nature. So, I have 'enlisted' the help of my trusty Breast Cancer awareness timer to ten minutes interof mayhem.  The boys race each other to see who can pick up the most stuff from their floors or other rooms.  Not bad eh?  In ten minutes they are zooming to clean their rooms; I clean up the bathroom, master bedroom, hallway, or vacuum upstairs.  Rarely does this have to go on more than twice day but, they actually enjoy the competition and keeps focus on the task.  Little by little, I will move the hand to 15 minutes to expand their cleaning range and work out. 

We also use this timer in the classroom to get their minds on staying on task.  Twenty minutes of math drills, letter reconition, or some other scholarly pursuit.  Really, Saenz's focus is growing more each day with less dwelling on being a failure.  It is not easy building his confidence back to where it should be.  Zephyr loves to set this and hide it somewhere.  Little monster! LOL

This weekend we are expecting a visitor.  Our Lisa will be coming down Saturday to stay for awhile.  The boys are stoked, and I ordered a GRILL package from Omaha Steaks to celebrate. Zephyr has his own method of keeping track of when his Big Sister arrives and constantly asks:  IS SHE COMING THREE (down from ten) DAYS AFTER THAT????

Another side bar,  Our remaining Guineas went on 'walk about,' for three days and decided to come home this morning.  I was quiet surprised but so happy to see their noisy, kissable faces.  Welcome Back!


polly's path said...

I love that timer idea! And how exciting to have a grown "chick" coming back to the nest-I am sure she will enjoy the steaks!

Sharon said...

That timer thing is quite the deal! Only I can't do the bathroom in 10 minutes. Wish I knew about that "game" when I had the four older kids!

Great! Having "company" (even if they are family) will give you a break and you can refresh yourself!

Oh, dear, I thought guineas stayed home........... guess I won't be getting any :(

Texan said...

Good fun way to use the timer :O)...

We have Guineas that will come visit once in a while from 1/2 mile up the road...I am always amazed at how far they will go away from their home!

Little Messy Missy said...

I have been making my kids, now teenagers, do "ten minute tidies" forever. That is so funny.... sometimes I even make myself do them...okay ten minutes of cleaning the kitchen and then I can stop. It works!

Nekkid Chicken said...

The timer makes cleaning fun for them. And Mommie gets help.

Hey Polly, Headed over to your place.

You can still do the game, Sharon. LOL Just by yourself or with your pets.

Texan, I missed them. It's weird to say I was super worried. Just got a call from the feed store; our order of keats will be here next Friday. YEAHHHHHHHH! 30 babies, this year I have a mirror I plan on putting in their brooder. I can't wait to watch them falling in love with themselves. LOL

Yes Messy, And short term goal setting is learned and rewarded promptly with a hug, kiss, and big THANK YOU! ~;>

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

never kiss a guinea fowl on the lips.....their heads are too small!!!