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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is from our first plant we sat out in the planter hubby built with our boys! YEAH, I love fresh maters.  Did ya'll eat mater sandwichs growing up? We used to eat those and banana sandwichs.  It was a fast, cheap, and easy meal. 

I am thinking about making a Greek Salata to go with dinner tonight.  Simple eats but, tasty.  Dice the tomatoes, sliced or diced cucumber, onions, kalamata olives, fresh herbs especially oregano, feta topped with extra virgin oil olive. YUM YUM!

 (I used to always say when ordering this in Greece --- "OSHEE CREMETI!,' No onions basically, because the onions on Crete was dangerous. LOL

This is what the planter looks like, it hold 4 large tomato plants and one serrano pepper.


polly's path said...

LOVE fresh tomatoes. I eat tomato sandwiches all the time-mayo with extra cracked pepper, and my MIL makes the banana and pineapple ones, too. Hubby likes his tomatoes in a pimento cheese sandwich.
And Greek salad is one of our staples, love it with warm spanakopita so none of the delicious dressing at the bottom of the bowl gets wasted.

Nekkid Chicken said...

OMG you have me drooling. Spinakapita is one of my favorites. AND DOLMATHES, tiz the reason why I am trying so hard to grow grapes. I remember that vine has HUGE leaves so, was hoping they are edible. LOL

polly's path said...

we make the stuffed grape leaves all the time! I guess we just really love Greek food. My granny used to make them with meat, rice, and finely chopped veggies, roll them up, and steam them. I go an extra step and roast them up covered in tomato sauce after the steaming. Always have loved yogurt to dip them in, seasoned with fresh garlic. When I don't have my own leaves I buy the jarred kind from Publix or WinnDixie. Nobody else in our area carries them. Or in a pinch, I make the stuffing and use cabbage leaves.

Nekkid Chicken said...

I miss the food from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, ooooooh, and don't get me started on ITALY PORTUGAL............the Philippines. HEE HEE, I miss traveling so much.

Sharon said...

Wow, tomatoes already! I can eat a tomato, make it into a sandwich, broil it, , you name it, I loves dem maters!

I don't THINK I have ever eaten Greek food, as odd as it may seem for someone my age - I know.

Chicken Boys said...

I haven't even planted my tomatoes. I need to do that this week. I have buckets to put them in, as they don't do well in the garden, but I don't have dirt. I may have to put them in the garden anyway. Sorry bout the school thing. I think if I had to eat worms, I'd use salt, pepper, horse radish, and ketchup, too.

Vickie said...

Yum - I'm ready for 'maters. I have quite a few green ones just about to turn.

Love tomato sandwiches with a big slice of home-grown onion and some mayo. Peanut butter & banana (and sometimes honey) is good, too! Sounds like we grew up in the same town!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

whats a mater?
looks like a tomato?
help a poor ignorant welshman

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL John,

Mater = tomato, just a slang term from my childhood in Alabama.

Yes Mrs. Sharon, We live in zone 8 so, tomatos come early and stay late. Smooches

HEY RANDY, I was headed to your place. Hee hee so you like French cooking? LOL

Vickie, Have you had mayo with Peanut butter? Gross but not that horrible. SNORTING, never tried honey on a peanut butter and banana. HUMMMMMMS

polly's path said...

John-you are SO funny!
You remind me of me when I first moved to the south. I had to learn that "dem maters" meant tomatoes, "dem taters" meant potatoes, "diller" means armadillo, "coke" means any soda pop, and so on. It is actually so funnny when you hear those in a southern accent.

NURA said...

These tomatoes into small pieces can be used for sandwiches,
because it complements the vegetables.
thank for visit in SA

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

ps I can see your knickers and they need a wash!

Texan said...

well yummy to your recipe and my don't those tomatoes look good!!!!

I LOVE Dolmathes, I too planted grapes partly for the leaves!! I even found a recipe to can the grape leaves! I have a jar I bought to make Dolmathes ... I found a recipe on line for them.. hope they are good...

and I am so laughing about Polly saying we southern people talk like that ROFL...okay well maybe we do but still LOL, its funny to read ... and if you think southern is different. I am a hillbilly from the mountains in Arkansas and I do mean the mountains. When I first moved to Texas,(like they don't have a accent in Texas) people would say to me ..."say that again" and my honeyman will still to this day say to me..."say that again" he gets tickled at me....

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL Texan, What kills me is folks don't know where I am from. Most folks guess the East coast but, I was raised in Alabama.

When I heard it's a

DILLER???? WHAT, hee hee cracks me up sometimes.