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Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Flipping Humid and Hawt!

    Good Grief, this morning air is so stiff and thick.  I turned on the news to see the floods up north and almost the entire state of Mississippi under a tornado watch.  IF any of you are in the path of this weather pattern please be careful.  This type of heat, shifting weather pattern; mixing with any cold front will produce huge storms to include tornados. 

    Another thing, the mosquitos here are beating the mess out of the hummingbirds; rival in size and irritability to yellow jackets.  I have not been sleeping well either for the last few weeks.  I have the premonition; we will be seeing a rather large diamondback rattler.  Now, normally I don't shy from snakes or let finding them unexpectedly bother me.  But, my gut tell me the boys will be in danger.  So my MOMMIE SENSES are tingling thus I can not sleep.

     This picture is from our visit to the snake farm near Austin last December.  Our neighbors have recently killed two large rattlers just next door so, I am being extra cautious with two rather high energy boys wanting to play outside.  Today's big adventure will be putting moth balls under the house and sealing up any holes found around our home.  It's weird all these wild animal critters seem to appear in cycles with their breeding.  The first year we lived here; there were tortoise everywhere; I would often stop the car to push them back in the brush.  I usually don't mind nature's bounty but, rattlers are not a joke with small children around.

     Onto another topic.  What are your feelings or thoughts on the oil leak in the Gulf Coast?  Do you think BP should be getting those underwater leaks sealed as soon as humanly possible?  Actually I am hoping this will lead to the United States to find other resources to fuel our lives. I can not imagine how long the mess will take to clean up with estimates ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 barrels being lost each day.  Don't even get me started on the effects on nature and loss of jobs for the fishing industry.

FYI there are 42 gallons in a barrel of oil just to give you an idea the size. And there is more than one leak stemming from this oil platform's explosion and collapse on the 20th / 22nd of April.

Let us also not forget the 11 lives lost, their families, and those injured.

OKAY ON TO the classroom update; we have a media center now, student table with chairs, books more organized (NOT to my standards yet), and all Zephyr's primary readers on a shelf by themself.  YEAH!  This weeks' addition was the tall shelf to the right inside the entertainment center which used to house our big screen television -- repurposing is awesome way to recycle items. Notice how thick those boards are?  My husband builds furniture to last.

Mom has some dusting and organizing left to do but, we now have a classroom.  With a 'formal' place I am hoping the boys will focus more with a set place and hours to learn.

Classroom is 85% complete. Dry erase board paint should be arriving this week.  I will paint the other side of the chalk board white in case, I need a 'screen' to show movies, slides, or transparencies.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

don't get me started about the damn oil spill, I'm so mad I'm spittin'.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh Joanna,

It just raises my ire. And to think Halliburton will be at the center of the investigation much like the oil spill off Austrailia. Just makes me very angry......

Sharon said...

I had a real good response and the satellite quit on me.

Please note:
Not happy about oil spill
Not happy with all this bad weather
Not happy with the smell of wet dog

Nekkid Chicken said...


You crack me up. Dang ya'll got the bad weather yesterday.

troubadore9 said...

You guys are progressing right fine.Looks fantastic and yes Hubby builds to last.Must be all those hurricanes and tornadoes plus the construction industry that guides his steady hand.

Sharon said...

Weather has been bad all day today too! Think is HAS to be over soon!

I like the way the classroom looks! Very good use of an used entertainment center.

Texan said...

I shot and killed a snake today after I ran him out of our garage! Honeyman has been working with me on shooting them when I see them. He isn't here 24/7 ... so today I shot my first snake. I hit him on the first shot but that didn't kill him, but he was dead when it was over... Have no idea what kind and I don't care... DH will look him up in the book tonight.. he was black with green stripes down him.. a decent sized thing...

Oil Spill... ugggggg grrrrr sad, I better leave it at that ...

Two weeks before Wild Blue can install our satellite!! I am excited..

NURA said...

hallo ,,
These pictures of snakes, I was afraid of snakes
thank for visit me

Texan said...

I have found that taking a life even if it was a snake does not wear well on me.

At first I thought okay this is good, by the middle of the night when I could not sleep I knew....

I am going to have to leave that do DH

mixednut555 said...

Woah, the school room looks so cool! That is great, and I'm so proud of you for home schooling the boys. Thanks for letting me call...at last...a voice to go with the name!
Your sis across the other pond.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Texan, Sounds like you had a rather large garter snake there sugar. I don't know if I could shoot one either. Only if it was threatening my menfolk.

Hey Nura, How is the trip?

MY OVER THE POND SISTAH, Much love and call my house anytime. LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY Mr. Larry!

Saenz is so pleased with his progess today.