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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

500th Blog Giveaway

Whelppers, I am close to my 500th blog and so, I will be having a 'giveaway' to celebrate our five years of being here at HOE HEN INN.  See these lovely little mesquite flowers; they are blooming and that means bean pods will be next.  This year I will be harvesting, drying and then grinding them into mesquite bean flour.   Also I will include two of these hanging dish towels I crocheted the top but, will not be these exact prints.

On Memorial Day, Whomever comments will get five entries --- a link back to this blog inside your blog will gain you another five entries.  I will have my cubby man (look at that precious angelic face) draw names from a box and the 'winner' will recieve 1 pound of mesquite bean flour plus, I will pick a few alternates for 'gifts' from our farm.  Google this 'new found' mesquite bean flour.  The flour is supposedly good for those with diabetes because it does not raise blood sugar like white flour does? 

So who is going to blink first? LOL

We are enjoying our visit with Lisa.  The boys follow her around like puppies -- they really miss having her here. I like having her here because she spends time with all of us, helps around the house, plays games,and teaches Zephyr his letters. 

Mrs. Lilly and her mom are hopefully coming for a visit this week as well.  I really enjoy having a full house full of family and friends. Don't ya'll?  Off to spend the day with them...see ya!

It's a really beautiful week!


Sharon said...

Good Morning Mal! Zepher is really a sweet cherub! Hey, have a great day!


Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

That's a fun picture of her!

The visit must be Wonderful!

Who won the staring match?