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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Crazy Thing Is?

We are busy being a family.  Can you believe it? Yep, our family is more relaxed because, Saenz is more relaxed.  (SPECIAL NOTE: no doctor's visits either......)

It's simple homeschooling has liberated my son by allowing me to learn how he learns in turn; I teach him.  He is not rushed to 8 different classes each day instead we are focusing on the basics he did not fully comprehend in the first place --- at the same time we are covering materials like history, reading, science which, he has a high aptitude for learning.  Since, I withdrew him at school his testing rate on the multiplication chart has increased from 22% memorization to 58%.  I am hoping by the end of May he will fully have the multiplication tables down up to twelve and perhaps I can get him to 14s.  From this we will move into division, commission, percentages, and
word problems.

He loves the lessons of the 9s, I taught him with the visual clue of using fingers.  It's simple and only works up to 9 xs 10.  If you ask what is 4 x 9, hold up your ten fingers, put down the fourth finger.  The number before the finger that is down is the 'TENS place and the fingers after is the 'ONES' Place.  Try it....  for reference:
I also showed him how to do other method with the sum of the product of the 9s will equal 9; we made a joke that the 9s are in love with themselves. LOL!

Zephyr has learned how to add simple problems up to 20 and write the answers.  Funny thing is, he has learned his numbers and primary math skills prior to the alphabet. WAY COOL, maybe I am nurturing a future accountant.

I am super happy as well, still loving my new washing machine.  My husband finally decided on a riding mower and it will be ready for pickup on Thursday.  I am going to bronco bust some grass. On another note:

Neighbors have found a 3rd large rattler and killed it -- it was longer than their 11 year old daugther.  That is three in three weeks; I suspect they have a nest (den) of snakes on their property somewhere. ACK!


Chicken Boys said...

My parents are wrestling with the VA. They don't want to pay anything towards his broken leg because it wasn't pre-approved!? Who the hell plans a broken leg?! I told my mom just to forward all the bills to them. They had an appt. yesterday, and now have to wait on a letter of decision. As for the snakes...you live in Rattler country!! Have a great evening! I took forever to learn my times tables. I was awful at math. All the way thru high school! Now I have a job in accounting! Go figure.

Little Messy Missy said...

Great job! I am glad he is succeeding!

polly's path said...

Sounds like homeschooling is working great for you. I wish i could do it.

Sharon said...

I am happy that the home schooling is working out so well for you... and the boys! One on one is so much better, you can explain it until it (whatever) is understood. In public schools, they just teach it and go on, if the child doesn't really understand, he's already lost.

I believe there is a fine here for killing a rattlesnake, as they are an "endangered" species... Say What??? Who is going to tell?

I have to go and cook (fried chicken and sweet potato casserole...Mmm), have a good evening!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...


you're a dead ringer

mixednut555 said...


Nekkid Chicken said...

Randy, The VA is frustrating as all HADES. Funny, they will 'give' out education funds to part time employees (some never have served on call' but, deny coverage for medical conditions to veterans. And don't even get me started on the lack of care for female veterans -- there is a common misconception that women do not serve in high stress situations and therefore can not suffer from PTSD. ACKKKK

LOL! I said don't get me started.

I think that is just a pile of crapola and tell them to keep pushing. The VA is hoping your parents will give up -- then the monies not used can fund a company picnic or something.

And I know about the times tables, thus I am trying to find 'tricks' to spark his imagination. Yes, the irony of you working in accounting is why ---- I am trying to teach Saenz his basics instead of piling more onto a shakey foundation to begin with.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Messy! I LOVE YOU NAME

Polly, It was a matter of survival. Either I help my own child or he would have gotten left behind....

Your dinner sounded yummy, Sharon we had homemade shrimp alfredo. It was quite fun. I totally understand what you are saying about public schools teaching to the masses.

HEY My Overah Da Pond Sistah!

John, Nope I will add it to my Netflix hope to view list. I added one of the movies you spoke of a while back but, it has not been released here in the States.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Huggable John, I think the movie I added was 'Mugabe and the White African.'

Oops Messy that should read

Your vice You... ~:>

Texan said...

Sounds like you boys are doing wonderful with the new schooling at home!!!!

Oh dear on the snakes next door!!! ewwwww....