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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Web Hunting Followup

I remember Kelley asking about what kind of spider makes those webs hanging from our trees.  So, I went hunting for the spiders outside this morning before Zephyr got out of bed.  It is way too windy (20-30 mph gusts) to get any decents photos of webs even if, I held my breath. 

However, when I opened the curtian inside the master bedroom and Wa La -- right outside. This industrious beauty is about the size of a quarter, very leery of approaching danger, (me on the other side of the window) and scampers up to get away. Let me tell you from personal experience; the anchor threads these spiders used to tie their foundation of the webs are thick and super glue strong.  If you brush against it; the web does not come off and leaves a ghostly feeling upon your skin even if brushed away.  

I have no idea as to the species but they are stunning in my opinion; the marking on the back are ringed with yellow stripes.  I have been watching another female hanging off our front porch hunt for days.  They make the web vibrate by shaking their entire body like a monkey on a tree branch --- I wager she is insect fishing.  The web does luminesce in the sunlight and I believe sparkling flashes of the web may temporarily blind the unsuspecting dinner right into its path.

Note to self and hubby: I really would like to invest in a digital SLR camera.

Today the boys and I are preparing for Junior (26), Sid (24), Lisa (19) and grand daughter Sarah.  They are coming down this afternoon from San Antonio; Lisa and Sarah will be staying the entire week. YEAAAAAAH the boys are stoked to have company. Zephyr got dressed early this morning; he usually runs around half dressed but, with girls coming to the house; he is all gussied up.  Right now as I type; he is in front of the bathroom mirror fixing his hair.

Let's see,  Saenz is doing well learning his times tables; he is consistently scoring around 92% in drills.  He has a block with a few select numbers but, I am wagering with time those too will be mastered.  I have noticed his inability to focus some days.  I believe it is because he is frustrated and thus needs time to decompressed.  Some days however, I have caught myself wondering if medication for ADD will alleviate the symptoms; then I catch myself because I have issue with using a 'pill' as the easy way out for a behavioral issue.  Another point,  if I give him a caffeinated drink; he calms down much like using an expolosion to sufficate a raging fire.  Then I redirect the learning to a method he finds more interesting. 

What I have noticed as well; he has NO trouble reading and entire set of TIME LIFE books on Aviation (Thanks Mr. Larry) but, can not follow a simple literature story or chapter book.  AGAIN this has to do with lack of interest I believe in the topic.  Funny, his reading skills are above the 6/7th grade level when he is motivated.  I believe as we walk this homeschooling path together Saenz and I will adjust to each others learning style.  I have started having Saenz explain Zephyr's worksheets; this reinforcement will help Saenz later.  Zephyr adores him and listens to whatever Saenz tells him.

Zephyr has just about mastered his 'pre-kindergarten' curriculum with the exception of letters 'Y, K, and R.'  We will begin focusing more on mastering his written skills and start sight words very soon.  He picks up his lessons fast, has a natural aptitude for numbers, and really pays attention to whatever Saenz is learning. 

This is my last week of class with my final exam on Monday.  Let's just say this class has kicked the wind out of my sails.  I like Saenz have a hard time focusing on 'information' I do not find interesting thus, I understand Saenz's reticence of what he deemed 'useless learning.'  LOL We are such much alike in our approach to life. 

Any how, I am off to prep the house, finish my chores, and take the written half of the final. I just want to say, please keep those in mind who have suffered great losses this week at the hands of man and mother nature. 


Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Mal That was a beautiful description of the webs and their makers. Your story has set my mind in motion. Today as I sat here after tending to all the kittens and cats, I found myself burnt out and ready to give up. My helpers are all gone but 2 and I am completely overwhelmed. Sunday is adoption day, but that again is in someone elses hands to make happen. I feel like my web has been cleaned off the ceiling by time and wind. I am going to go buy that $30 printer today, so I have ink, so I can print up my flyers and start up the walking fundraiser again.
My web needs to be re-anchored. These kittens need me to stay strong.
I love the fact you gave saenz caffine! Those pills literally hurt! Caffeine does the same thing without making the child a zombie! Speeds you up to slow you down. Great Job!
Thank you for your spider hunting for me, You've done more than just find the spiders in my world. Thank you.

Little Messy Missy said...

Good luck with your last exam. My younger sisters two children have severe ADHD and she gives them each a small cup of coffee in the morning. She also feeds them tons of fresh fruit and veggies...nothing artificial. She pulled them out of traditional school and put them into an art school where parents are required to come at least twice a week. He kids are thriving and doing marvelous. It was sad though. She had to take them to 6 different doctors because they would not help her unless she medicated those poor babies!!!

Sharon said...

Yes, it's hard to take pictures webs and the web makers, in the wind, especially.

School sounds like it's doing the boys a whole lot of good! Now, you just get those exams out of your way and you will be fine!

Company! The fun kind! I hope you have a great time!

Take care!