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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Size of Their Toys

I just love my husband.  The man is not wordy though; he is a study in 'industriousness.'  Unless there is a game on; he is working and piddling around our place.  This weekend with new limb trimmer he was out trimming branches off our front yard trees.  It made a huge difference and opened up our front yard. 

The next major job will be hiring some help and trimming the tree that is coming close to some power lines on our property.  I just wonder if there is any way to get the power company to turn off the power while that is being done.  I am rather found of my man, I do not want him electrocuted. 

Another major project we are looking into is building a small house (mother in law suite) just in case, Lisa does want to move back home.  By having her own place she will be on her own but, also have help close by in case of medical emergency.  Plus she will be able to start college hopefully in the fall and I will become her built in tutor.  Since her 'stroke' in 2003; she is prone to have seizures and has been on medication since recovering.  Right now this is all just in the planning phase yet, I am kinda stoked to have the ideal of her moving back home.  We all miss her so much.

Anyway this is some of what is going on in our slice of heaven.  How about yours?


Sharon said...

Hi Mal! You might try calling the power company and letting them know that your tree and their power line are too close - here, they come and do it on a regular basis. They were massacring the neighboring trees, so when they showed up at my place, I went out screaming at them not to do the whole tree, just the section by the line, they obliged and I saved my shade!

Good idea about the extra little house... wish I had one!

Judy's Corner said...

Sounds like a nice solution on the little house deal... if she is keen on the idea, seems like a no-brainer...oh, wait a minute... those thing cost money!!! LOL Hopefully it will work out for you!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

love psychos story!!
we all have has a psycho cock from time to time


polly's path said...

I am with Sharon. Our power company recently came and trimmed all our trees near the lines at no charge. It is worth investigating.
Also, another benefit is that usually they bring a chipper along, and the mulch the tree or branches right there-you can ask for them to dump it in your yard.
I love the idea of having your girl close by. The best.