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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Being a Bum, 2 Hawt 4 Any Thang Else!

    Man! I don't know about ya'll but, it's flipping miserable with the humidity. By 9 a.m. I just want to hide inside the house because the FIRE BALL (sun) is out in force. Add to that a second blood pressure pill and I am spent by the heat; the first one affects my blood sugar thus I have to eat before taking it; the second makes me groggy. All is good though; I will go back for a check up in three months.

     Today Saenz and I are gutting out the 'last of his' multiplication tables, teaching him how to upload and edit photos to his lab top. Zephyr and I are working on Same / Different, Pattern Recognition, Big / Small, Up / Down / Over / Under. He has mastered his ABC recognition and now we are begining reading with his learning how to Sign the alphabet.

    My next course begins on the 30th; this time I am going to accelerate my class instead of taking the entire 8 weeks; I will knock it out in 4 weeks. That will give me at least another two weeks off to enjoy summer with the boys and hoping my hubby will want to take a vacation off this place. I would love to go back to Copano Bay in Rock Port. Feathers Crossed and saying prayers......

Here are some photos I snapped outside with Saenz this morning.

Still windy, morning glories
I think early chili petins near goat pen.
This tree branch just broke off the mesquite next to the master bedroom window.
No termites?  No idea why....
Spider lunch, poor guy may get free.
This hopper kinda glows when the angle is changed.
This is one of the BEE blossoms out front.  Yeppers this tree attracts lots of bees and I try to avoid since, I am allergic to stings. The whole yard is full of bee music.


Sharon said...

Definitely HOT, could probably handle it if it wasn't so oppressively muggy! It's like being slapped with a wet blanket when you walk out the door!

Is good that the boys are continuing their lessons, too hot to go play outside anyway....

My son did that with a summer class last summer, all he did was, sleep study, go to work and crab around! It's tough!

Gee, wish we had some wind....

Take care now, Chicken Feet :-)

Little Messy Missy said...

Nice pics!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

sending you some cool vibes!!!!!!

Texan said...

whew yes Texas in July okay what is about to be July... hope you get your vacation :O)

Hang tough girly...

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Peeps,

Just got back home from town and mailing Barbara's package of goodies. MAN its hot and our roads are torn up both on 1358 and in George West. Maybe some of those stimulus dollars at work?

Going to read all ya'll!

Hugs Sharon, Little Messy, Huggable John, and TEXAAAAAAAAAAAN. OMG you must be miserable up there.

Judy's Corner said...

So the heat is EVERYWHERE I guess. Over 100 today and so muggy we can cut it with a knife... and this is only JUNE? I am NOT looking forward to three months of this heat/mugginess! Nice pics! Hope you feel better soon.