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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been Thinking, Today's Military

This whole thing with General McCrystal has me looking back. Really, a 30 year veteran of foreign wars decided to buck the system and let his 'disrespect' stay in print for the Rolling Stone? Let's examine why:

1. He is a cowboy, special ops, and thus does not do well in the ‘mamby-pamby’ world of political correctness. HOWEVER, he did depart from the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and as a non-commissioned officer or lower enlisted would have lost his entire career to courts martial. (THIS ALONE SHOULD MAKE THE PUBLIC WONDER: Who is protecting his six.)

2. If you look at McCrystal's history; he has been in other controversial events throughout his career for instance; the Pat Tillman event, Prisoner abuse scandal, Disrespecting the Obama Administration last fall for foot dragging, Information Leaks, and Drone incidents which killed civilians.

3. Obama had no choice but to accept his resignation. To not take it would have shown weakness even though McCrystal was not the enemy. Obama's enemy is lack of resolve and not doing anything without stuffing pockets of other industrialists and Wall Streeters.

4. McCrystal could not have gone back to the Middle East theatre as a commander; with his tail tucked inside his camo's either. Remember friendly fire goes both ways.

5. Now while McCrystal is still on active duty; quietly sometime in the future he will retire and go on to a contractor job working for some entity like Fox News, Halliburton or even BP. Mind you though, he will be gainfully employed and pretty comfortable too with his military retirement plus, new salary.

6. Did anyone not see General Patreaus not coming back in to fill the shoes in Afghanistan? I mean hell, I called it -- get this I am not even a military or new analyst. Why did I call this; simple General Patreaus is a politicians 'wet dream' as far as -- he is calculated when following orders. He dot his I's and crosses his T's; he is a manager in the full sense plus, he was in theatre had already had Middle East experience and diplomatic ties there.

7. McCrystal was not the Good Guy riding on white stead to save the day. Nope, he got fed up after figuring out the war in Afghanistan is not winnable. He got tired of no one listening, the Obama administration bickering, the diplomacy required to keep those oil fields in our pockets, and seeing his soldiers (countless wounded and dying) fight against stupidity. Not to mention all the civilian casualties.  He abandoned his post and left his man in the hands of others.

8.  Does anyone remember the story about the minerals found in Afghanistan?  I wonder if this will become our new oil fields in which, our servicemen and women will enrich with their blood.

While it is true, NO ONE MAN can win a war but; all it takes is one man with a magic ball point pen to end it.

Psstttttt, I am not finished on this post just taking a break.


Texan said...

Okay I am going against my own rule here...discussing politics, religion and eating healthy (food) .. very hot topics with people... you want to get a hot debate going, any of the above will do it.. odd you can add food into that equation but you so can..you start trying to take on the topic of eating healthy, food and you might as well be discussing religion or politics ROFL...anyway...

Someone get the pen out already! I support our men and women 100%...they do a job, a job that is given to them whether they agree or not...one that I might add can cost them their lives! Their lives people!!!!!!

We had to and should have responded to 9/11!!!! Without a doubt!

But it became about something else along the way (or maybe it was all along) and that was just a handy excuse sadly...somewhere a long the way it was not about the towers and destruction on American soil, most importantly the lives of Americans lost by a terrorist attack... its not about 9/11 anymore it hasn't been for a long time... (I am so breaking my rule here)

Someone get the pen out already!!!

I always wonder if our President had to go to the active zone when he/she declared war... would that slow down or stop the act of war? Would it make it more about a just cause and less about "politics" "money" "personal agendas" sadly I do believe this.. right or wrong I do...

I guess we will never know ...

polly's path said...

Very interesting points both Nekkid and Texan.
Thanks for giving me something to chew on.

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL you are so right about those topics, Texan. After 20 years of keeping my opinion to myself. I can no longer hold back though. I had to respect the office of those appointed over me. However, I am civilian now and can fully enjoy my civil liberties.

I fully support the troops because they are doing their job. Always have and they always will.

I believe you and I agree on the issues here. I bet, he would not put his name to paper if he had to stand a post in the same conditions our men and women (future) are doing now. I am sure too if Sasha or Mahliah were wearing the uniform; he would not have this war going in the same direction. I know Mr. Biden's son is serving however, I am pretty certain Joe's boy has his six well protected much like England's Princes.....

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Polly, I enjoyed your blog yesterday little farmer sis... LOL

Your antics crack me up

Nekkid Chicken said...


I do wonder why food, sex, religion, and politics raises the ire in folks? LOL Makes me laugh out loud.

wascallyfox2 said...

Marilyn can't remember her pass wrod so asked me to pass this on:

HEY, there's a lot to be said for shotgun weddings! The trip was fun, but I got no souvenirs. :( ALF says heythere to everyone!

wascallyfox2 said...

Marilyn forgot her password so asked me to pass this on:

HEY, there's a lot to be said for shotgun weddings! The trip was fun, but I got no souvenirs. :( ALF says heythere to everyone!

wascallyfox2 said...

Marilyn forgot her password so asked me to pass this on:

HEY, there's a lot to be said for shotgun weddings! The trip was fun, but I got no souvenirs. :( ALF says heythere to everyone!