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Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the Winner is....


Barbara 3 Acres, Thanks to all who commented here is a sneak peak at the towels.

These are laying on a rose-colored Indian Sari which will be included. I have yet to add the buttons but that will only take a few minutes to add. Congratulations Barbara!

Now my week off the blogs.
Yeppers, we have our first muscadines popping. YIPPPPPPEEEE, The hurricanes of 2008 did not drown them nor did the drought of 2009 burn it up. Ours don't look as plentiful as Sharon's but at least it's a start. I just wish the nursery who told us these grapes won't not grow here could see. Wooooo Hooooo!
Do you see them?
Jungle love! LOL, shuts the curtain of leaves back..sorry. ~;>
Do you see it? Hubby found this little frog at least I think it was a frog.  Zephyr kept it in a bug cage over night and sad to report this little guy did not survive the trauma of house life.  However, Zephyr has learned a valuable lesson even though he spent the night 'hunting' flies to feed his pet.  Leave wild animals out doors where they belong.
Traditional South Texas food, this is 'tripas' which took me awhile to get used to after marrying my husband.  Beef intestines, cleaned, cut, seasoned, and put on the grill until cooked soft or crunchy.  Served as taco meat with guacamole, and salsa. 
All the results are back from Saenz's neurology checkup, his brain looks great with no malformations however, Dr. Deline thinks we should keep up with reducing his allergen exposure.  Yeppers, allergies have made a huge difference in his life.  While he got his check-up; MOM had her blood pressure checked and I am happy to report both my dystolic and systolic were down ten points each. Talk about relief!  I will have my official BP test on Monday to ensure my medication is right but, I am feeling so much better.

Let's see what else is up at the coop?  

One week left of school for me so happy I only have the final.
Our guinea keats have been moved outside so no more stinky house. LOL
Sid is bringing Lisa down for another week long stay. YEAHHHHHHHH
Junior is also scheduled to come down on Saturday for a night.
We are homeschooling over the summer trying to undo what was not completed.  
A plethora of tomatoes are growing; I would like to lay in some other vegetables soon.

Nice to see ya'll again.............


Sharon said...

Good to see you and glad that your BP is lowered!
Oh, we have a young vine we put in - in this century, looks like yours ;-)
Gee, I have never seen such a tiny tree frog!
You have had lots going on, glad the BP meds are doing so well!
You take care of yourself now!
(I'm green about the keats, but I guess with having Jill, I can't have any birds)

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

I checked out your blog also from the link Mal put on!
Love the HOME Living!!!
Very Inspiring!!

Great JOB on the Contest!
She's very LUCKY!!!!
Poor little boy!!
I'm sure he'll contiune the hunt!

Gorgeous towels btw!

Barbara said...

Grinning from ear to ear....Thank you so much...I am so thankful...

I am glad you bp is getting back to normal.

Nice looking grape vine.

Barbara said...

I am so tickeled to have won that I must THANK YOU, again. I will think of you everytime I use the towels. I am going to hang them in the kitchen

polly's path said...

pretty towels!
You have been busy, lady!
And I am sorry, I don't know if i could eat the Texas dish you so kindly featured.
Here in south GA they have a similar one called "chitlin's". Boiled, I think, pig intestines. Horrid as horrid gets.