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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things that get on my last nerve:

Oh the list will be long but, I just want to start this here. My own form of BYTCHINESS

1. Talk show host who don't allow their guest to speak their answers fully when asked questions about their view point.

My reasoning:

Christ Matthews, Nancy Grace, Big Ed, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly -- they all use their shows as 'bully pulpits' to further their own views on audience members. Shame, shame on the media for lacking objectivity. I really - really miss Tim Russert. No wonder our American society as a whole no longer listens or thinks own its own. Is it any wonder, I often surf the channels instead of staying tune to their monologue of self-love.

2. Doctors who only seem to want to push pills. (((In Saenz case with seasonal allergies - especially pills that are OTC (over the counter) so, insurance companies don't have to pick up the tab.))) Instead of finding out what is causing the medical concern of their patients. It is easier to toss out a prescription than it is to make a true diagnosis.

My reasoning:

Saenz has been diagnosed with seasonal allergies since FUKKING BIRTH but, not one doctor will have a skin test done to tell us what he is allergic too. Thus, from birth he has had allergy infections but we are told to treat him with Claritin and Zyrtec; worse yet antiboditics when his sinuses are infected.

3. I am pissed that Mr. Obama (others) says healthcare will not ADD to the budget. Has no one been paying attention?

My Reasoning:

ALL THIS ARGUING is adding to our national budget. What is the cost of people losing lives, limbs, or body parts? The cost of inactivity is prolonging the debate but, adding to our national deficit.

4. Tort Reform is back by Republicans but not health care reform, why is this?

My reasoning:

Insurance companies want to protect their coffers thus they lined the pockets of our congress persons to pass some tort reform limiting payout on mal-practice suits. YET, these same insurance companies deny coverage for those with some really 'stupid' pre-existing conditions. More and more doctors will "QUIT" instead of not taking the risk of working & then be sued for medical mal-practice while the insurance companies will cut anything that reduce their MONEY GRUBBING WAYS.

More later.........................

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