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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Names of the Dead, petition for healthcare

Thanks Ms Lori for passing this link on to me:


Here is my reasoning plus my petition......................

Health care for all. My recent letter to Kaye Baily-Hutchinson.


I want a public option. I would love to see true capitalism in health care where businesses compete. I would love to see insurance company choices not restricted to state of residency & no more open season regulations.

I would love to see the big insurance monopolies busted up. I would love to see morality back in providing the best care for all humans regardless of some inane INDUSTRY label or pre-existing condition to include gender.

No more fighting wars in other countries until the 'war' of keeping others from healthcare because of -- profit margins or greed, or empire building -- is over.

ALL persons within the United States need quality health care. If the heath care provided to Congress is good enough for them; then give it to 'ALL.'

Mal Torres

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