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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Official, I have gone off the deep end.

Soon the Republican Party will be knocking on our door to remove us from the State of Texas. Just this passed summer I tossed an invitation to join the ranks for the National Rifle Association in the dumpster sorry -- Mr. Heston. We donated to a 'socialistic cause' Second Harvest but, also contributed to Democratic Party to help pass the Health Care Bill with a public option or for --CRYING OUT LOUD-- a single payer system.

YES, I am a sinner --- still I did not vote for Mr. Obama. (WE ARE A STUDY OF CONTRADICTIONS-----I KNOW.)

I am also guilty of watching 'Religuous' by Bill Maher which did make me laugh from flashbacks as a child. Scared me right out of the church attendance because the establishment was a 'foot washing Baptist' church of tongue speakers.

>>>inserts shivers here, talk about post traumatic stress<<<<

However just this passed week, I actually signed into Michael Moore's website. YEPPERS, I am now untrustworthy. WHY you ask?

Simple, I wanted to find out where Capitalism: A Love Story was playing in my area. "Surprise Surprise Surprise, " as Gomer Pyle would say. It's not playing in any theatre for over 80+ miles. So I will post my comment on his website:


"Mr. Moore & Others,

Personally I am tired of writing my senators. Each time, I get canned email responses that are not even on topic. I am surrounded here in Texas by the Have's controlling the Have Nots. I am also tired of being labeled a liberal, republican, or democratic by whomever I am speaking to at the moment. Really, what does it matter which party I belong too; if I even belong to one. I too am for a single payer health care system; I belong to the best public option around (TRICARE PRIME) on active duty and still carry it after retiring. YET, my neighbors can not afford health insurance at all because they have pre-existing conditions like diabetes. WTH?????

Can someone explain to me in simple terms; Why do we need insurance companies profitting off the misfortune of ANYONE? Really, can you imagine this conversation --- HONEY I got paid today because I denied 50 women the right to Mamograms (sp) and they not only lost their breasts, hair but also their life? OR better yet, a wall street or bank exec --- HONEY I got 100M in bonuses and helped to keep the poor off unemployment for another 6 months.

Another thing that chaps my hide, I can not go see 'Capitalism: A Love Story' because guess why???? I am in a heavily controlled 'RED' State and until such time as cows and bulls start carrying WiFis and connect into the internet I am at the mercy of Netflix or WalMart. Standing here in Texas, pizzed, angry and tired of the hypocrisy.

Respectfully, M. Torres "

Steps off soap box and starts looking around



Burr Deming said...

I'm for the profit motive, if it can be parallel to the public interest. Usually, this happens quite naturally in a free market. But health coverage is a little more murky.

Frankly, much of the opposition to the public option strikes me as self-contradictory.

Jen said...

I will never understand politics. As much as I try I never seem to find something concrete and true. There are so many opinions out there it's difficult to know fact from fiction.

kybunker said...

Standing at the end of your soapbox, applauding as you are stepping down :)

Tired of the fact,,,, there's a certain God Factor to the whole system, knowing there is no paper in the world we could sign and get noticed. Period