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Monday, October 26, 2009

On my soap box again. LOL

Greetings Senator Hutchinson,

I know you don't remember me but, I remember you from the winter of 1992 in Crete, Greece. Yes Ma'am, I was active duty Air Force back then and had the duty of ensuring your tour, intelligence briefing, dining, photo op, room and shopping experience in our base exchange went well. (First impressions are said to be lasting, guess what, my impression of you was (('is')) -- not positive.)

I do not support any spending overseas to help those who would harm us if given the opportunity to do so. I guess I am strange but if a rabid dog bites the hand that feds it needs to be put down.

I do however support a health care plan for ALL our citizens. I would love to see the same health care you are afforded be made available to ALL HUMANS regardless of their: nationality, sexual preference, religion, *PRE-existing condition, job status, green card, political party affliation or any other delinations or lables big business assigns ------ exactly given to you and other senators.

I know exactly the healthcare you are afforded. I have been inside many military health care institutions and waiting while YOU & OTHER members of congress were ushered in before my daugther recovering from cavernous hemangioma at age 13 at Walter Reed received care. I know and watched while soliders sat in hallways while your colleauges were given priority over our nations wounded.

You see, I do not feel you are any more worthy than a fellow Texan (AMERICAN) who can not afford health care.

Call me strange, a democrat, liberal or whatever lable you wish.

However if you want my vote as to replace Rick Perry. Promise health care for all.


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