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Thursday, October 29, 2009

HAD THE HELL scared out of me yesterday.

This is my memory of yesterday.

Zephyr and I left to go pick up Saenz and we noticed the smell of smoke which was really weird since the winds were impossibly strong. So, we pull out of the drive way and I saw smoke up around the corner. When we went around the bend, I saw a turned over truck lying on its side on fire. I stopped and got my phone out, no service even for 9/11.

At this time a man in a white pickup pulled up behind me, I ran to ask him to dial 9/11. I ran back to my truck and told Zephyr to stay put. I ran up to the back of the over turned truck; it was lying on the drivers' side, I notice the camper door had been broken out. Flames were shooting out from the engine which I could see and inside the cab. I looked inside the back and could see no one. I ran to right side and could see no one in the truck; the wind shifted blowing the flames back over the gas tank. I ran back to the White Truck Driver and asked if he got in touch with 9/11. He said he did; I asked him if I could call my son's school to have him ride the bus home -- no damned service.

Another couple drove up in a van; the flames were still over the gas tank. They had no phone service. I then went looking for the driver of the truck, this time I found him in the ditch laying face down in the prone position.

He was unresponsive; I started shouting to him and touching. I could see his arm was bloodied but, I kept talking to him. I eventually got him to respond and get to his feet. I was so scared the gas tank would blow but luckily the wind kept changing. I checked the old man's his eyes were glassy but he was responding to my questions. His wounded arm needed medical attention.

I got the man to the fence went back to my truck to check my son, then the couple in the van took off in front of me and went around the fire and went to the man. I ran back to the White Truck and he said help was on the way.

I then got in my truck to drive up to the victim standing outside the driver’s side of the van. She had given him a paper to put on his wound and told me I needed to stay with him because her husband had an appointment with a doctor in Corpus and they took off.

I got the old man in my truck by pulling him inside to get us away from the fire because we were only 25 to 30 feet from the fire. I then took him to the closet house up the road to call my son's school. I then checked him again to see if he was responsive and talking clearly and we went back to the scene. He did not remember being unresponsive.

I waited until paramedics showed up. The man in White Truck had left. Volunteer firemen showed up and started working on the fire. Another farmer showed up and started talking to the old man while he was getting first aid. I was so scared; this old man was 83 and feisty. He argued with me that he was not unresponsive but only asleep. ANY WAY, the paramedics took him to the hospital.

I watched in my vehicle while the fire was put out and the truck taken away.

What bothers me about this whole situation????????????

What would have happened if I had not stayed? Or went looking? What would have happened if the passerby did not get in touch with 9/11? I could not believe folks left me and my five year alone with an obliviously injured man not to forget about the vehicle on fire -- on the side of the road.

What I have learned from my experience: 1. Carry some 1st aid supplies, pocket knife, old blanker or towel, flashlight, and fire extinguisher at all times. 2. Carry not only aspirin but a clean bottle of water as well. 3. Teach my sons how to render aid & stop to give aid. 4. FIND a better phone service provider. 5. Know I am out there alone, folks are too damn busy to give a flying frog's azz about anyone but themselves especially if it interferes with their plans.

Today I am nursing sore back, muscles and many bruises from helping the man to his feet and into my truck.

Were my efforts worth it? HELL YEAH! All life is sacred even the elderly.

Would I have climbed inside a burning vehicle while my son was watching? (I DON'T KNOW) This bothers me because I have to come to the realization that I too have standards of how far I will go to help another. This leads me back to other Samaritans.

Perhaps they too, had reached their limits and went on by.



mixednut555 said...

You are one of the few, Mal. Trust me, I know from experience how few people will stop and help someone. David once fell out of his wheelchair in a parking lot. NO ONE, and literally over 50 people saw, would help me get him up and he is a big guy and I can't lift him myself. I eventually dragged him to my car, dumped him in the seat, and then we got him into his wheelchair from there. This was just one experience we have had but I have never had help yet until we moved to Hawaii. In Californian no one EVER helped us physically.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Why are people so afraid of being HUMAN? It pisses me off to no end.

mixednut555 said...

Its very different here in Hawaii, I don't know why, but people are so helpful. We go to the beach and David gets stuck in the sand, and I am trying to push him out, next thing you know, some huge Samoans or Tongans or Hawaiians are there and picking him AND his chair up. This has happened numerous times. Together the chair and David have to be minimum 400 pounds. People open doors for us here, they carry packages, they reach things on shelves neither David nor I can reach, etc. It is so different. I'm glad we are here with some HUMANS.
Love ya,

Nishant said...

I don't know why, but people are so helpful. We go to the beach and David gets stuck in the sand Work from home India