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Friday, October 30, 2009

eBay Hasn't made a promise it doesn't break.

Hi, saenzmom! (Sign out) Must use Buy It Now and PayPal.

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Goodbye eBay Blogs
(UNAVAILABLE actually starting the 29th)
After October 31, 2009, we will be discontinuing eBay Blogs.

While eBay Blogs provided useful and interesting information, we have decided to focus our efforts on what matters most to our members: making eBay the best place to buy and sell on the Web.

We appreciate all the great articles that were published on eBay Blogs, and we'd like to thank these eBay member/bloggers for their contributions to the eBay Community. If you have created an eBay Blog, we encourage you to print out or save your blog entries before we close this section of our site.

Remember, after October 31, 2009, these pages will no longer be available on the web.

Keep the conversation going! Visit the eBay Community and see what your fellow members are talking about today.


Next: Neighbors & Groups.......mark my words.


mixednut555 said...

I believe it.

Nekkid Chicken said...


Jack & Jill said...

Feels like forever since I saw you, but actually only a week, I think. I thought eBay would do something nasty, just like they did. Except for the cheap kitchen stuff, I am done with eBay. When the kitchen is done, I don't plan on going there again. There are a lot of other places to buy & sell, if I so desire.

I have started a very small blog and don't know what I am doing, no one has answered my invites as yet, so I am "friendless" :) I am being picky about who my "friends" are, lol. If you would be interested, in boring stuff, send me an email through eBay messages and don't hide your address, I will get copy in my email box. (About the only thing eBay hasn't messed around with!)
I was mauds_stuff.
Have a good night now!

Nishant said...

I thought eBay would do something nasty, just like they did. Except for the cheap kitchen stuff, Work from home India

Nekkid Chicken said...

DANG MAUDS, I haven't seen any emails from you at all. I will have to go check my eBay email. LOL I have not been buying on the Bay. I too have taken my BIDSness elsewhere.