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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Phew, What a Week

I am so glad hubby's stint on second shift is over! Yeah, we are returning to normalcy.  The last two months have been kinda tough because of the shift change.  The boys wanting to suck up as much time with their dad (can't say that I blame them) would wait up until he got home near midnight. We would fall asleep around 1 a.m.; this was not conducive to regular school hours, farm chores, and our small garden.

Yeppers! we still have tomatos, peppers, cabbage and broccoli  thriving ---- can you believe it even after two freezes?

Thank goodness we homeschool and I can tailor their lessons around schedule changes.  However, we did not progress as far as needed.  So, this day shift will get us back on track and hubby will be off the last two weeks of the year.  CAN YOU SAY GUEST INSTRUCTOR????  Hee hee, he just doesn't know it yet.

Another issue, Lisa has it in her head she is moving to California.  No plans as to how she is going to get there or live there --- just a wish to stay with some phantom people she apparently knows from who knows where.  But what can you do?  She is nearly 20 years of age and if she buys an airline, bus, or train ticket -- we can not stop her.   I wish her well but, will not make her transit out of our safe environment easy on her. (i.e. We are not providing the pathway out.)  She will have to make her own way there and if need be; back. 

Seems our daughter is under the impression that LIFE is easier in Southern California and a change of location will make her LIFE better and she will be happier.  Sadly, I have tried to explain to her; the only happiness you can find is within yourself.  If you are not happy here, and if you are not happy with your mom in San Antonio; 'You WILL NOT be happy in California for any length of time --- because you are only changing locations.'   Why is it, adult children do not learn nowadays from the paths their parents have already walked?  Godsped my daughter, just know the nest is still here if you fall out of the tree.

The last two days, I spent time riding the couch with a vicious cold.  One thing hubby does bring home quite often is viruses from work.  It hit Saenz and Zephyr but, nearly wiped me out.  Luckily, I recovered enough to be back up and running today with a vengeance.  I have a pile of laundry that would pack the epic TROJAN HORSE and allow the Greeks (chores) to over take Troy (our humble home).  LOL can you tell I have been reading again?

One thing I plan to do later is take the buttermilk pie recipe below and see if I can modify it to include chocolate.  If it does turn out well I will post a picture and description ---- my muddled mind while waylaid had me thinking of baking and building new recipes.  If chocolate doesn't work I will try coconut which is always great in custard pies.  We have lots of eggs again since, I have barely been cooking for the family this week.  Baking is a great way of using up eggs.

For those who commented on my post dealing with bi-polar. 

Thank you,

I will be adding to that post and if you see the labels (at the bottom of each post) and then click on 'bi-polar' then the other posts associated with the topic chosen will pop up on the same page.  It is important I resolve my issues and understand my own disorder so, if our son has to walk in my path.  I can at least reason with him by reviewing how I coped with the stressors as a teen.  Thing is.....boys and girls do not act the same way when dealing with puberty so, I have another sticky wicket to deal with as he progresses.

Hope Ya'll are enjoying your slices of heaven as you prepare for the approaching holidays.
Peace and Joy,


Judy's Corner said...

Excellent post, Mal... hope you are feeling better and that hubby shift change will benefit everyone!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Ms. J,

Sorry haven't made it to your post yet. Trying to get a start on the house chores. When Mom is down -- things pile up and apparently out. LOL in this case OUT the laundry room door!

Sharon said...

You just gotta know, that I was smiling when I read your post and about Lisa. There is NO telling "adults" what to do, how to even plan, they just do and all we can do about it is pray. In 20 years or so, these "adults" will realize how green they were. Somehow, most of these "adults" will make it just fine, and get to go through it with their own..... Being a veteran of having my innards turned inside out several times, I think I can say that.

Man, I hate when he works the night shift too, every thing gets so screwed up. Of course, him working at all would be nice.....

Yep, DH brought home his cold thingy from his buddies too, only what I get is so much worse because I am such a fragile old flower. ;-)

Chocolate buttermilk pie... sounds good - Hershey syrup?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Was going to try the powdered chocolate hersey baking powder since I keep it on hand. Just waiting for the butter to soften so I can start.

Yeah, she is our third and it gets no easier. It's just the boys have went back and forth from our houses. She is crossing statelines with no family buffer.

Why is it the crud gets amplified from parent to child? Eh?

Sharon said...

How did the pie turn out? You're right the cocoa powder would be better, not so sweet.

My oldest went to MN from TN and we had no phone and he wasn't a letter writer. My personal time in he--.

I would love to try your pie, BTW, but as of this afternoon, I now have thrush and even my steak and sweet potatoes tasted like, you got it, thrush. Ush!

WV: mistedu

Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh Gosh Sharon, I so not envy you at all. Maybe a swish of yogurt would help your thrush. Are you on antiboditics? I posted the recipe with pictures for you. Get well soon, Missy.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Just wanted to check in with you..... Hope all is good in your neck of the woods. We still have tomatoes, onionn, brussel sprouts growing too..
Have a wonderful day...