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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Powerful Smart Appliance Rebate Part 2


Seems the government is at it again with trying to stimulate the American consumer to spend monies this holiday. It is a good thing since, this program has many facets.

1. Appliances purchased will put less of a strain on an already struggling Texas power grid.

2. Appliance sales means someone has as a job in your community such as salesman or deliveryman, managers so on and such.

3. Lower electric bills for consumers.

4. Recycled appliances don't litter the roadways or landfills.

Applications are available online for Texas state residents with all the rules and policies. It is crucial to pay attention to the 2 page application with all the instructions. This program is available to all Texans. If you have participated in the April and want to participate in this round -- the total number of rebates which can be earned is TWO per house hold address.

This is a much better thought out process and does not require the much agonizing horror; I went through in April with the website and the phone in procedures. Nope --- you buy the correct appliance or/after the 20th of December, have the application filled out properly, have the installation completed, appropriate signatures, the recycling done by appliance seller, and mail in the application to the Austin address. First come, first rebate checks are mailed by date received until monies are distributed.
Here is the website:


Appliances approved for this program are:

air-source heat pumps, central air conditioners, clothes washers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, room air conditioners, and water heaters.

I still love the lovely washing machine we purchased for $500 then with the rebate it cost us only $275.  I wash less loads now which is a huge blessing.

For those participating please pay extra close attention to the size or capacity of the item you wish to purchase.  It has to be Energy Star rated and be of a particular size for instance:

refrigerators need to be of at least 14.5 cubic feet 

washers need to be rated with Modified Energy Factor (MEF) 2.0 or greater in addition to Water Factor (WF) 6.0 or less.

For those bloggers not a Texas state resident; just check your state's comptroller general's web page.  This 'grant' was part of a federal program so, each state has its own similiar program.

Crosses feathers, this mother hen needs a new refrigerator since ours is about 10 years old.


Sharon said...

This sounds like a much better solution than the mess you had in April, and yes, I remember the feather pulling time you had in April!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh No Joke Ms. Sharon,

Needless to say, shopping for me tomorrow; have my applications ready, and my palms are itching. LOL

Merry Christmas