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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Henny Clampett to Poultry of the Manor

Hubby gave me two wonderful gifts for Christmas. A new refridgerator which was delivered this morning.  The second is pictured below .  A 1981 Volvo 242.  I know I know --- a thirty year old car.  See I am not your usual hen; I love cars with real metal bodies and ooomph.

Take me to a car show; and I would be content to look, dream, remember all the models I have loved in the passed: Saab, Jaguars, Volvos, VW Bugs, VW campers, Corvettes, Renaults, or classics -- Nash, Model Ts, Thunderbirds, Cadillacs as long as it was a model from the 80s or earlier.  

That is why I could not part with the Ford farm truck nor, did I want to buy a newer model car. To me they all look alike with no character. But, we sorely needed a car or extended cab truck to get around. My farm truck has only a bench seat and a stick shift --- not conducive to a six year old straddling the gear shift with car seat in tow and a teenager.

I found a listing on Craigslist and just got that feeling it was going to be a winner.  So with cash in hand; off we went to San Antonio.  While my Volvo has high mileage; I drove it home a hundred miles with the a/c on with no troubles. It is a straight shift, all original parts to include windows. The interior has been well taken care of and has a few dings in the back -- this car is 16 feet long so no wonder.  There are a few cosmetic items to be  addressed like balancing tires, window tinting, new tail light covers, and speakers etc.

One day I hope to have my new baby which I am calling 'Shiekh' purring (inside joke with my husband) just like he did in his hey day because he has spunk. Thank you, Hubby.

This is hubby trying to find the short in our phone lines in the attic.  Grrrrrrrrrr, he was getting frustrated and has to now check all the junction boxes because he could not get the inside line to 'hang up.'  I don't blame hubby, going up in the attic makes me feel whoozy.  I would not want to be up there either. 

We have plans for the rest of the year with hubby.  So, if I don't see ya'll who pass this way.  Happy New Years and Best Wishes in the new decade / year.

Hot Rod Chicken


troubadore9 said...

Whoot!!!!Nice car but let's see the fridge too.That's the hub of the house from where you feed all your family.I knowe you are happy.Congrats.

Sharon said...

Nice car! I am one of those that likes a car that looks like a certain car, myself, Now they all look alike. I drool when I see an old 55 Ford, or a T-bird or the old Monte Carlo's. We have had 4 Le Sabres , from '97 - '02 and they basically look the same. I would still like my old Nova back or my El Camino! Sigh......

Where's the picture of the refrigerator???????? Hard to oh and ah over no picture! Glad you got it though!

Have a great and Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yuppers Grumpy, I love Sheikh. We are going to put some elbow grease into him. Will post a pic of the frige.

Hee Hee Sharon, I like distinctive cars and do my fair share of drooling. This model was close to the ones I knew as a teenager and I admired those peeps driving around in them. I really don't like how all car bodies look the same. Yesterday, we saw a new Beamer that reminded me of my husbands Accord. Not cool in my opinion.