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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cooking, Cleaning, Just A Normal Life

It's been another busy week with the boys, their school work, critters,  planning a larger garden, Mrs. Lilly's visit, and of course baking. 

This week we had to call in Verizon repairman; our phone line went nuts and basically kept a busy signal on the line.  The phone line connection runs through the attic and we must have some really hungry Hippo Rats up there gnawing about again.  Instead of paying Verizon $95 the first hour and  then $45 for each additional 15 minutes PLUS --- supplies. 

Hubby will have to get up there to install new wiring, dang it.  Plus he will have to find the rats entry points and lock them out good it was the phone and not the electric wiring. (We hope and pray.)
This week's adventures in cooking has been the storage of eggs in the freezer. Just whisk three eggs, pour into a snack size bag, lay flat in a container freeze then put into storage.  I do this too with separated yolks and whites for later baking and is an easy way to build up a supply.   For whole eggs you can use large ice trays then transfer them into a freezer container.
Saenz calls this egg pie but, I learned how to make fritattas while serving in Europe.  Easy  to do, start by whisking six eggs, add a bit of chopped ham and veg like onion or broccoli with some cheese thrown to a pie shell pour eggs over and bake til set on 350. 
I got myself a treat this week and purchased 8 corningware ramekins plus a roasting pan and set on the adventure of making baked vanilla custard.  It must have been pretty darn good because, I did not get to even try it.  LOL I found the recipe on Mahalo.com

"• Step 2: How to Make Baked Custard

3 cups milk, heated
2 egg yolks
3 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1/8 teaspoon salt
 Nutmeg, if desired

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Prepare some boiling water for adding to baking dish
Mix the egg yolks, eggs, vanilla, sugar and salt together in a mixing bowl.
Add the hot milk slowly, stirring constantly.
Divide custard among 8 buttered 4 oz. ramekins.
Place ramekins in a baking dish, add boiling water to halfway up the sides of the ramekins.
Sprinkle custard with nutmeg.
Bake for about 45 minutes.
A knife inserted into the center of the custard should come out clean.
Serve warm or chilled"
I don't like to dirty my hands when busy prepping so I take a sandwich bag, turn it inside out, grab a pat of butter, buttered the ramekins, then turned the bag right side out with butter safely inside, seal bag, place in refridgerator for the next time.  Waaa laaa no stopping to clean your hands.

I did not use any salt but, I did sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the top of the mixture just before baking for color.  Saenz likes the custard cold.  Zephyr says it tastes like egg nog basically meaning -- he doesn't like it.  So today's experiment had me trying the same recipe but, I substituted buttermilk instead or regular. 

Will let you know if it is a hit or not.  I am going to have to switch to cakes for a bit, I think the boys are getting tired of my pies. So tomorrow we will be making Angel Food cake. YEAH! One of my all time favorites to make from scratch.
I wanted to post this picture for Jan over at My Brother AndrewTex here is too old and fragile to touch but, wanted to help spread the word about Fighting Progressive Bulbar Palsy (MND).  He allowed me to place one of the support bracelets on his still broad shoulders for a picture.  He asked me to remind all ya'll to help others by reaching out and making donations to the causes you care about. 

Squawk at ya later,


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Love the update. Plus the tip on the butter.... Thanks girl!

Linda said...

Thank you for your tips and like Melissa said - thanks for the tip for butter - great idea!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hee Hee Ladies,

It never fails when working in the kitchen; the phone rings or a child needs help. So, clean hands are a must. Your welcome :O)

Jabacue said...

What can't you do, Martha!! I mean Mal! lol
Great idea for freezing the eggs!! Duh, never thought of that. Now I know who to ask when I get stuck on something.

Sharon said...

Great idea about the eggs, now, I don't have hens, but I will buy a dozen eggs and end up throwing half of them away, because they get way out of date. Then on occasion, I have no eggs!

Jennifer said...

Great tip about the butter, I hate getting butter all over my hands. I will sure try that next time!

Janet said...

I agree with Sharon -I buy eggs and fail to use them up before the sell by date-thats a great tip ! Tex is a wonderful old guy- does he live in a museum ? Thank you and LOL -very much appreciated x

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

thank you for supporting Andrew and Janet's blog with your photos
I really appreciate it!!!
with lovejohnx

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Ladies, Jim and John!

I came up with that because of the boys. So I will pass on all your thank yous to them.

LOL Martha, my SIL used to call me Betty Crocker.

Jan, Tex hangs out at a local Valero gas station up the road a bit. He is gruff but, love to pose for pictures. You are welcome, who knows where we will take those bands next. LOL

Aaaaah John, The pleasure is mine. Hugs back you big ole meanie. :O)