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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Voting for Romney,


Yesterday, I listened to Romney's speech at a fund raising event held by Mark Leder.  I just wanted to slap the taste of arrogance right out of his self-serving mouth. Here is the link to the full transcript:


First, let me tell you being Mexican is no joke in America.  My husband has to work harder (actual labor) to support his family than I did serving my country. Our adult sons labor at jobs well below their intellect since, here in Texas we only have menial hand-to-mouth jobs to offer in our area or jobs out in the dangerous oil and gas field industry.  Our sons took jobs making $9 an hour when unemployment would have paid them more.  We are all living together under a single roof because $9 an hour does not support a single person let alone a family needing food, transportation, housing, and child care.  While this is a blessing to be together it also adds to sterotypical multi-generational close knit hispanic homes.

Hubby and I are going on 17 years of raising children in a society who feels it is okay to disparge immigrants because it makes the situation of racial bias comical.  Hell,,,,,, even my own mother has uttered horrible racists comments about the myth of 'lazy mexican' to me.  This 'only kidding' comment of his is maddening because he is basically saying President Obama was elected by minority voters because he is a black man.  What a load of bullshit. I am sure there were voters who did vote for him to CHANGE the tide of HOPELESSNESS for those living in the fringes of the 'eeking by' in this economy.

For another thing Romney the jackass does not acknowledge is even the poor pays taxes and usually up front in the form of: sales tax, federal withholding for social security & disability, gas tax, plus others forms of taxation I may have forgotten.  Hell even those paying rent are paying for school tax just it goes in a lump sum to property owners who in turn pay property tax.  No one but the wealthy can afford to ask for an extension to 'jury rig' our federal taxes or defer payment until another year. 

How is Mr. Romney any different by taking 'Capital Gains' as income than say the elderly who paid into the systems for 50 years and is living on less than 14K a year?  Seniors still pay taxes just like everyone else.  Those who are on disability usually have a pretty damned good reasons for getting the stipend to help meet their financial needs. For example, our 21 year old daughter who had a stroke on her 13th birthday and has had medical issues since.  Trust me, that $400 a month helps but does not meet all her needs under her mothers roof.

AM I TOO A VICTIM dependant on government 'handouts?'  Because I take a retirement check after serving my country for twenty years.  That is a bunch of bullshit to me as well.  While I am a staunch 'work for what you want and need' advocate.  I in good faith could never vote for the GOP this go around.

Voting for Romney
pissed off Independent used to be Republican


Jen said...

I truly dislike politics. The people within it are crazy! I try to make sense of it all. I read posts like your and a light turns on. But the problem remains. Who's got the better plan? OF the two 'devils' which one can we afford to live with? I registered to vote and have no idea if I'll even do it.
I may just vote Obama because he's the "devil" I know.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Amen Miss Jen, A Freaking Men. LOL

Rooster613 said...

Good post! In spite of what Romney might think, I do not see myself as a victim and I DO INDEED take responsibility for my life! But I guess Caryl and I are in that 47% of freeloaders, since we are now on Social Security and yes, we have been on food stamps and gotten heat assistance in winter, even though we grow and can a lot of our own food, and I continue to do freelance writing and editing, as well as selling on eBay. The reality is, I'll never be able to really retire.

As for taking responsibility, I not only did that, I gave up a good career in order to care for my disabled wife. She got so allergic to the smog in the city -- it was literally killing her - that we had to leave the city. This meant going to a rural area where there not only are no Jews or synagogues, no university to teach at, and EVERYTHING was on Saturdays, which is the Sabbath and a day I cannot work. And it also meant never getting my Ph.D. (which people assume I have anyway, since I collaborate on books with professors, but that is another story.)

A lot of guys in those upper echelons of society would have just divorced and moved on. But I take wedding vows seriously. We have been together 32 years now and although it has been hard to survive sometimes, the love outweighs it all.

Rooster613 said...

BTW, did you know the expression was originally "Gerry rig" not "Jury rig"? It comes from World War II, with "Gerry" being the British expression for Germans. It referred to fixing mechanical things with "bailing wire and chewing gum," so to speak. toward the end of the war, the Germans were running out of parts to fix jeeps, tanks, etc. so they "Gerry rigged" them.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Rooster, I really enjoy your root word history lessons. Politics are just pissing in my oats these days. I believe you are an angel to be so firmly committed to your vows. You are a wonderful man to take such good care of your wife. I think it is all just a matter of arrogance and lack of walking in our shoes for Romney. He will never understand because of his altitude and attitude.

Thanks for stopping by,

~K.B said...

Okay Okay! You know I Severely Hate posting NE Thing on politics or Religion.
So we'll go with this, My hopes for the future is in the Progress of America.
When women fought to vote, that was voted against and thought to be of Horrible change in America.
When Black Society gained equal rights, That was thought of to be of Horrible changes in America.
We now as Americans are facing New Changes! Gay Rights, Immigration Issues, Religious Attitude, Hell there's even People I don't know fighting over how much of my Vagina is considered their business.
Each of these areas inspire Change & Hopefully someone who will Go Forward with How we can make America Different than Where it had been at for the past How many Eons?
My Question is, How long did Rome last before it fell?
Every Year, Every Event, There is a Scape Goat.. We call him or her President.
I do wonder when the Old Ways Will be Re-Wrote with the consideration of How America was Founded on A Melting Pot Idea...
I do think the Melting Pot has been forgotten, The liquid Turned solid and Change is wanting to be Stopped & Reversed.
I for one have hopes, that We are in for some change and I hope those changes do include a world in which we can Speak our Peace, Defend our Country & Not have to have a selection of "Men Only" who feel fake tans & teeth Caps will win my vote.
(Grammar & Editing Need not apply "))
~ Stepping off the box now ~