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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Traditions, Closer Family

It is a blessing to have our sons back in our home.  Each night after having a family dinner we sit out back and watch the sun set for those who are not working a shift.  Nothing better than building tighter bonds and memories.  What is happening in the coop:

Each son has found work though temporary in the service industry, Diary Queen in Three Rivers for Junio and HEB for Sid in Beeville.  Sid is trying to find work as a 2 year plumber's apprentice but was picked up HEB as a cashier in the mean time.  Junio is a cook until the next real estate course begins.  Junio is a natural salesman.  Can't wait to see where their futures lay.

We have been in the middle of a refinance.  Let me tell you, jumping through hoops is not easily but, well worth knocking ten years of mortgage payments for hubby and I on our current home.  He is only three years from retirement from civil service; with this economy there are no guarantees his job will be here that long.  I fear after elections no matter who is elected this economy will tank again with a focus on military related jobs and civilian cut backs.  All signs are pointing to a massive round of BRAC (base realignment and closures). 

With all that nonsense nipping at our heels; we are cutting back and learning how to play instruments.  Sid and Junior will be teaching the kiddos how to play guitar.  I found a beginner's violin and guitars on eBay and will start using Youtube for lessons.  I am currently looking into curriculum on how to read music.  On the nights we don't sit out back due to bugs or scorpions; we sit and play or listen to each other.  Like I said; we are blessed to be a family.

Our other pass time is taking the kids fishing at state parks since we invested in a year's pass.  Nothing like being in the outdoors for a change of pace.  What is happening in your coops?  Anything interesting......

Take care,
Mal and extended family


janzi said...

HI, you have just painted with words a perfect family gathering and all the love that goes with it... learning to play instruments is a joy that never fades when the music comes.. I loved the fact you have taken a course of taking steps to economising family spending-very wise indeed- your family looks lovely and happy too!! xxxxx hugs from across the pond-

childress563 said...

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~K.B said...

Tell You what Lady! A Year or so has passed since You and I have had a good chat!
I have to say I am sitting here SMILING Like a Fox outside of a Fully stacked HEN HOUSE, While reading your posts!!!
Loving every minute of it!
I am So Glad Summer is Over!
Now I am going to Lurk over to your other posts to see what else I've missed out on!

I am So Happy For your Oldests!!!