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Friday, August 24, 2012

New School Year and Other Jetsam

 We celebrated the start of our third year of home schooling by going to the movies to see Para Norman.  The kids loved the idea we go to movies as a field trip.  Here Sarah & Zephyr (3rd graders) are poised before another advertisement at the theater.  Don't you think Zeph is adorable in his 3D glasses?
(image gotten from Amazon website)
Our family has been investing in electronics this year to ease our dependence on cable television.  I am happy to report we are streaming our television through the net using the AppleTV.  Netflix is awesome as well as HULU.  No more cable bills or commercials; we are definitely getting off the tether of modern television.  One of the best investments we have made.

(image gotten from Amazon website)
The next item I chose was this 10" Coby Kyros tablet.  Let me tell you, I am enamored.  Now I can check my emails where ever I happened to be since, we have WIFI setup in our home.  So far, I have gotten Saenz a similiar version just smaller.  Next, Sarah and Zephyr will have their own to use for school and appointments out of the house.  These are definitely worth the price.  I would not suggest the smaller 7 inch version for those with poor eyesight.  There are keyboard covers that actually make typing a breeze.  Also, Amazon and other sites have free apps (games, music, ebooks, etc....) that are easy to load basically making the laptop & desktop obsolete.  These tablet devices are the certain 'Killer App' of the future.

Now on to so personal thoughts and musings.  We now have welcomed both grown sons back into our home.  The economy is tough; they looked for work for six months in San Antonio while on unemployment.  Even fast food jobs that were available did not afford them the ability to live on their own.  Rents and housing has doubled the last year or so due to the oil & gas boom.  It is nice though after dinner to sit out back and watch the sunset as a family.  Both boys are employed and are contributing to our household.  So while our home is now quite busy and noisey; we don't mind.

What are ya'lls thoughts on the economy? I still say this is no longer a recession but an actual fiscal depression begining with the down turn in 2007.


Jen said...

It's getting harder. I agree with you. There are little job popping up every where here but it's the same issue. Not enough to be mad to support yourself. It'll be a long time before it gets back to what we used to know as normal.

Cesar Crash said...

I did not hear to talk about Para Norman 'till now, but this image makes me remember of Mad Monster Party, oh God, I luv it!
Talking about economy, I heard this week "big cheeses" talking about this year as it is being the worst in their lives...

Judy's Corner said...

There's an economy????? LOL Too bad about their not being able to find work where they lived, but fabulous that you have more family to fill the home! On the note of ditching cable... I've never actually HAD cable. I've been on Satellite for the past 10 years or so, for both TV and Internet.... I can completely live without TV, though everyone else I ever live with seems to need it, so it remains.. I am actually looking forward to getting OFF of satellite and onto cable when they finally get the high speed Internet included...they are in the process of actually bringing it to our rural county, with promises of year-end availability!

Sounds as if you have found the technology key that works for you! Congrats!

Cesar Crash said...

Almost the same here, Judy. We have a small old little television, that ones with a huge tube, the size of two hands. No cables, I never watch it. I use an awfull radio internet, neither people here in Brazil knows about internet via radio waves, but that's the only one I can use in the place a live!

Nekkid Chicken said...

No Doubt Jen, We are in the middle of economic down turn. We are making little bounces but not sustainable in my opinion.

Take care Lovie,


It was an adorable movie. Yeah, I believe are leaders are so detatched they are clueless.

Hang tough my friend,


I am thrilled to be off cable and satellite all together. Though I still use the APPLE to stream the news. I hate being out of touch or misinformed. Now I can watch news from around the globe. Nice to hear from ya! Mal

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